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Harvard University Law School Professor Jesse Fried Visited PKULS

On Nov. 2nd, 2015, Professor Jesse Fried, the famous scholar in corporate and securities law field from Harvard University Law School, was invited to visit PKULS and give a lecture. Professor Liu Yan, Professor Ge Yunsong, Professor Peng Bing from PKULS, Professor Jiang Shangye from Korea and several students from Law School and Yenching Academy participated in the lecture.PKULS Vice Dean Guo Li hosted the lecture.

Professor Fried graduated from Harvard University and once taught at UC Berkeley law school. Now he is a Professor of Harvard University Law School. His research area includes venture investment, bankruptcy, corporate governance and securities regulation. In 2004, He wrote a book with Professor Bebchuk named Pay Without Performance: The Unfulfilled Promise of Executive Compensation, which invoked heated discussions.


The lecture focused on the impact that IPO of foreign company brought on American securities regulation. He analyzed the problem from perspectives of market and supervision separately.Concerning the topic, guests and students had a deep discussion lasting for at least 2 hours.  


At the end of the lecture, Professor Fried said this was his second time to visit PKU, and he was deeply impressed by PKULS. In recent years, Harvard University Law School and PKU Law School have close cooperation with each other, which promotes the communication on teaching, researching and administration. In the following years, professors from Harvard University will visit and give speech in PKULS. These events exert meaningful influence on the internalization of PKULS.

Translated by: He Xin

Edited by: Deng Bowen