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Peking University First Company Crime Criminal Defense SeminarOpening Ceremony Held Successfully

With the rapid development of society and economy in China, the company has become the most important subject in the field of market economy. Under the current social and economic situation, the companycrimes are emerging, many new situations, new cases, new ideas, new thinking, in order to meet the requirements of the era of the comprehensive advancement of the rule of law. Peking University law school sponsored first company crime criminal defense seminar, designed to attract talents across the country legal community, teacher and study together and explore the new path of company of unit crime, criminal defense cases.

On November 7, 8:00 in the morning, Peking University first company crime criminal defense seminar opening ceremony held successfully in lecture hall of Kaiyuan Building. Law school Dean Zhang Shouwen, Deputy Dean Yang Xiaolei, Director of Administrative Office Nian Yijia attended the event. A total of 116 from all over the country criminal defense lawyers, corporate counsel and teachers in Colleges and universities attend the opening ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by DeputyDean Yang Xiaolei.

First of all, Law school Deputy Dean Yang Xiaolei introduced guests attending the meeting. As well as the background, form and course content of the seminar.

Subsequently, Law school Dean Zhang Shouwen made the opening speech. Dean Zhang expressed warm welcome all the new students on behalf of Law school Peking University. He pointed out that the development of country and society needs a good environment for the protection of the rule of law, in the process of promoting the market economy, the problem of economic crime is increasingly prominent. How to protect the rights of the parties, is the issue which the lawyers should pay the utmost attention to. At the same time, he stressed that as a good criminal defense lawyer, Should not only master excellent professional knowledge, also need to accumulate experience and skill through practice. Dean Zhang Shouwen hope that the students should pay more attention to the current social problems, put forward their critical views, and strive to become the backbone of the future criminal defense team through learning and communication in Law school of PekingUniversity

After,lawyer Gao Jie from DeHeng Law Office and lawyer Song Hongchang of Grandall Law Firm gave the speech as representative of students. They expressed their gratitude forLaw School of Peking University, and said that with the development of legal theory, various problems emerge in an endless streamin legal practice, it is particularly important for the criminal defense lawyer to charge, continue to learn new knowledge. At the end of the speech, the two representatives of the students wish the seminar a complete success.

Finally, all the students attended watched the propaganda video of Peking University Law School, and had more clear understanding for the history and development of Peking University law school. After the meeting, the participants of the seminar took a group photo with  the guests. At this point, Peking University first company crime criminal defense seminar opening ceremony endedsuccessfully.

Peking University first company crime criminal defense seminarnot only has important significance for the academic and practical development of Peking University Law School, is more conducive to further improve the overall level of criminal defense personnel and the overall level, promote the development of criminal defense in theory and practice, help the construction of the rule of law in today's China.


Translated by: Fan Wenyi

Edited by: Deng Bowen