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Professor Takahara Asou and Professor Wansuikuanzhi visited our Department

October 23rd and 26th, 2015, Takahara Asou, Professor of Graduate School of Law and Politics, University of Tokyo, and Wansuikuanzhi, professor of Law School, Waseda University, invited by Peking UniversityInternational Law School, bring two splendid lecture of “Wang Tieya” International Law.

Professor Takahara Asou is one of the most famous Japanese experts in modern Chinese politics and East Asian international relations. He is fluent in Chinese, also served as the Sasakawa Japan friendly fund operation, a member of the new 21st century CommitteeJapan affairs director and other iomportant positions, representative works including "China Times", "Mao Zedong, Deng Xiaoping and Jiang Zemin", "the safety and security in East Asia new trend ".

October 23rd afternoon, Professor Takahara Asou brought a lecture entitled "The present and futuresituation of Sino Japanese Relations" for Students and teachers of Peking Universityin frequently Chinese. In the lecture, Professor Takahara Asou proposed the innovative analytical framework, which should be based on the four perspectives of national feelings and understanding, economic interests, domestic politics, international environment and security and sovereignty to study. He analyzed the strong side and the fragile side of the Sino Japanese relations, pointing out that to enhance the former, to control the latter. He specifically proposed that China and Janpanese need to expand the exchange of visits, and promote exchanges between the two countries furtherly. Finally, host Yi Ping, associate professor, pointed out that the conscientious scholars in China and Japan should not fight alone in their respective country, and further strengthen exchanges, take history as a mirror and work together to create a better future.

Professor Wansuikuanzhi teach in Law school of University of Tokyo, and his professional field is the international law. October 26th morning, Professor Wansuikuanzhi with more than ten students from University of Tokyo visited our department, communicating with our students. On the afternoon of the day, Professor Wansuikuanzhi brought a wonderful lecture entitled "Japan's security and international law" for our college students.

Professor Wansuikuanzhi take history as start, explaining the Japanese government's position on a series of issues including the ninth of the "The constitution of Japan", the individual right to self-defense and collective self-defense during the 70 years after the war, as well as including the Japanese government's reasons for changes of explanations with changes in the international situation. Finally, host Yi Ping, associate professor, summarize that to consolidate security and enhance the defense strength is important, but more important is to create a peaceful international environment, which is our purposeof studying international law and carrying out the communication with international counterparts.

The event,professor Takahara Asou and professor Wansuikuangzhi visiting Peking University, has achieved a complete success. The two lecture activities deepen therelationship and communication between Peking UniversityLaw School and Peking UniversityInternational Law School with University of Tokyo, Waseda University School Law School, and strengthen the cooperation in teaching and study of international law.

Translated by: Zhuang Muping

Edited by: Deng Bowen