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The Lecture “Distance Between Law School and Law Firm” Held Successfully

In the morning of 28th Oct, the lecture “Distance Between Law School and Law Firm” was held successfully in Room 307 of Leo Koguan Building. The main speaker was Mr.Huang Shanduan, who is alumnus of Class 1995 of Peking University Law School and is now an experienced lawyer, also a senior partner of Guangdong Haibu Law Frim. The host of the lecture was A.P. Chen Ruoying.

The lecture mainly analyzed the reason why there was a distance between acquiring law acknowledge and practicing law. Mr.Huang considered there were mainly three reasons as following: Firstly, law firm was different from law school from their nature. Secondly, the bottom-line of study was getting 70 grades, meanwhile, the bottom-line of practice was getting 100 grades, and students needed to develop the faith of pursing perfection. Last but not least, it is the transforming from knowledge into practice ability that matters.

Internship was always considered the bridge between law school and law firm. To this opinion, Lawyer Huang responded that, only a high-quality internship helped. Also, he mentioned that accumulation of knowledge and sense of law mattered.

Then, Mr.Huang emphasized the importance of hard work. Also, he said that personal reputation mattered in the practice of law.

At the end of the lecture, Mr.Huang answered questioned raised by attended students, shared his own successful experience, and gave his blessings to the students. A.P. Chen Ruoying thanked Mr.Huang on behalf of the students at last. The lecture ended in a wave of warm applause.

Translated by: Wu Tong

Edited by: Xia Jing