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20th Admission Anniversary of PKULS1995-Grade Undergraduate Held Successfully

On October 24, 2015, the 20th Admission Anniversary of PKULS 1995-Grade Undergraduate was held successfully at Moot Court(PKULS). Prof. GeYunsong, Wang Xin, Chen Duanhong, and PiaoWendan deputy party secretary of Law School attended the activitiesin the morning; Li Ming attended the lunch. Wang Jin, GanPeizhong, and LuoHaocai attended the dinner; more than 100 undergraduate students took part in the activity.

9:30 am, accompanied by the radio theme song "bell ring gently" familiar melody, the party had begun. Music and old photos like a time machine, would bring you back youth, as if once again, the youth.

At the beginning, law school teachers sent a blessing for the students via video, Teacger Wu Pan expressed his classmates return to school the joy of reunion, for the students to become leaders in various fields and pride. Pan Jianfeng reminded the students to stay healthy, we expect people to have faith in the law of the country loyal to social care. Wang Lei expressed the blessings of life and career of the students. Wei Fang fondly recalled and this first batch of students to spend a beautiful memory. Gan Peizhong hoped everyone to shoulder the mission, hearts and responsibility. Gong Wendong sent a sincere blessing to the students: I hope everyone is safe and happy, hope to have more opportunities to meet in the school. Zhao Kun slope teachers and students co-Yi lives in Changping Park, and bless the students to go further, to achieve better results in their posts. Liu Yan Tai Chi sword dance teacher drew cheers. There are not present domestic and overseas alumni representatives to the students via video sent blessing.

At the start of activity, law school teachers send their blessings to the students, through the video, teacher Wu Zhipan, expressed the joy of reunion to the students back to school,he was proud of that students become leaders in every field.Teacher Pan Jianfeng remind students to keep healthy, we must have the legal faith in the law of the country loyal to social care.Wang lei teachers expressed students the blessings of life and career. He weifang teacher affectionately recalled the wonderful memory with the first batch of students. The heart GanPeiZhong teacher expectations we shoulder the mission of the responsibility. Gong Wendong teacher sent a sincere blessing to the classmates: hope everyone peace and happiness, hope to have more opportunities to meet in the school. Teacher Zhao Kunpo and the classmates shared their memory in Changping Park.

Subsequently, the site speaking students, the students through a small story fondly recalls a beautiful classmate campus life. The year of mutual encouragement and help meet today people are still moving.

The next video put atmosphere to a climax, yellowed old photos of the students thoughts back to the year of youth, as if entering the gate, to re-spend the youth. Site cheers continued, introducing more tears.

Finally, two teachers took the floor. Teacher Ge Yunsong expressed excitement of class reunion, teachers and students feeling enduring incense. At the same time he affirmed the students achievements in the cause of law, meaning that the teacher is giving university education in school learning knowledge subtle lip into our flesh and blood. Then teacher Wang Xin fondly expressed to the students gathered here moved, Peking University students years is the most simple happy moments, but now the years of accumulation, students also have to accomplish something in various fields. As a teacher like inculcate such as care parents worry, as brother-like intimate ingratiate themselves to remind the students pay attention to safety, to resist the temptation.

In the afternoon, the students return visit, on campus or stroll pictures, or playing cards, or sitting in quiet garden lawn play slapstick, old beautiful scene and floating everyone's heart. Dinner, everyone sang along, relive juvenile emotional, laughter as back then.

In this event, teachers and students affectionately recalled the past days and interesting memories. In retrospect, all the students are sincerely gratitude to the alma mater, to motivate themselves and law career forward. Enhance the friendship between classmates and teachers and students as well as alumni of the alma mater of thanksgiving, also of great importance of the development of the law school.

Translated by: Liu Xin

Edited by: Xia Jing