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The 30th Academic Salon of PKULS Held Successfully

On October 28th, 2015, the 30th academic salon of PKULS heldsuccessfully in the Room 307, KoGuan Building. The theme of academic salon is How to understand and Apply NinthAmendments to the Criminal Law. This academic salon was hosted by Chen Xingliang, professor of PKULS. And Zhang Shouwen, who is Law School Dean, Xue Jun and Guo Li, who are Law School Deputy Dean, some professors attended the meeting.

Firstly, Professor Chen Xingliang reviews the revision of Criminal Law, and points out the frequent changes of the system reform of Criminal Law.Then, he put forward some general principles in modification of the Criminal Law, by comparing of the special criminal law and the amendments to the Criminal Law.At the same time, Professor Chen Xingliang introduces the specific content of the amendment of Criminal Law. After that, he also concludes the characteristics of modification of criminal law and the basic direction of the criminal legislation. Finally, teachersdiscuss the changes of the death penalty and the background of bribery punishment is aggravating.

This academic salonis of great significance, which to deepen people's understanding of amendment ninth to theCriminal Law, advancing the universal application, and promoting the process of governing the country according law.


Translated by: Xie Chunhui

Edited by: Xia Jing