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National High Court of Brazil Justice Visits Peking University Law School

At 11:30,October 23rd, Professor Antonio Herman Benjamin, Justice of the National High Court of Brazil, visited Peking University Law School (PKULS). Secretory of Party Committee of PKULS & Deputy Dean Pan Jianfeng, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee Lu Jiangnan and Environmental Law Professor Wang Shekun received visiting personnel. The meeting, which was focused on the cooperative projects between IUCN and Peking University Law School, was held in the reception room of PKULS in a harmonious atmosphere.

Justice Antonio made a briefintroduction of himself and IUCN. IUCN, International Union for Conservation of Nature, aimed at helping the world find pragmatic solutions to the most pressing environment and development challenges, has cooperated with China for many years. Justice Antonio hoped that experts and scholars of PKULS would participate in the inaugural meeting of World Environment Protection Institution and there would be more and more legal professionals from different fields of PKULS devoting to environment protection career.

Professor Pan welcomed the visit of Justice Antonio on behalf of PKULS. He emphasized that PKULS has always attached great importance to international communication and cooperation and thought highly of the effects that environmental law has on the world environmental pollution prevention. Professor Pan also expressed his confidence and expectations in the future’s cooperation.

Afterwards, the two sides made a thorough discussion on the characteristics of environment law problems from the aspect of legal process and achieved a common view on the importance of environment law. In the end of the meeting, Professor Pan Jianfeng, Professor Lu Jiangnan and Professor Wang Shekun expressed thanks for Justice Antonio’s visit again.

We believe that withthe discussion on the frontier academic issues of environmental law, the visit of Justice Antonio will bring new methods to PKULS’s environmental law research and promote international communication of PKULS.

Translated by: Fan Wenyi

Edited by: Xia Jing