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The 27th Academic Salon of PKULS Held Successfully

The 27th Academic Salon of PKULS was held successfully on October 9th at Room 307, Koguan Building. Themed “the dilemma of judicial responsibility system reform”, Prof. Chen Ruihua delivered the keynote speech. Nearly thirty professors and teachers also attended the salon.

First, Chen Ruihua introduced the development of the judge lifelong accountability system as well as its current condition in China.  Professor Chen then introduced attitudes and concerns of some legal practitioners about the system. At the same time, he cited the relevant system of ancient China, and pointed out the close relationship between the government and the judiciary and analyzes the distinction between the independence of the court and judge.

Subsequently, the participating professor such as Professor He Weifang, Peng Bin, Deng Feng, Che Hao, Liu Yan, Liu Kaixiang and so on had a heated discussion on the issues of inner logic of judicial independence and accountability, the real meaning of correcting misjudged cases, distinction of judges'personal responsibility etc. Professor Chen Ruihua answered all the participants' questions one by one.

Finally, the academic Salon came to a successful conclusion. Problems about judicial responsibility system reform were deeply discussed in the salon, including the importance of social practice, which would be of great significance to the development of temporary judicial system.

Attended Professors:

Chen Ruihua, Lou Jianbo, Pan Jianfeng, Guo li, Liu Kaixiang, Liu Yinliang, Deng Feng, Wang Xin, Liu Yan, Peng Bing, Che Hao, He Weifang, Li Honghai, Song Ying, Xiao Jiangping, Zhang Zhiyong, Xue Jun, Ma Yinan, Zhao Guoling, Zhang Shouwen, Zhang Qi, Yang Ming, Guo Yu, Chen Ruoying, Ye Shan, Du Lei (postdoctor), Peng Chun (postdoctor), Ma Ruixin (visiting scholar of University of PennsylvaniaNeysun A. Mahboubi)


Translated by: Zhang Xiaole

Edited by: Xia Jing