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Network Information Security and Legal Governance Seminar Successfully Held

On the morning of 21 September 2015, "Network Information Security and Legal Governance" Seminar,also as the release conference of the book“On the Freedom of Network Speech and Government Regulation”was successfully held in Room 307 Koguan Building by Institute for Constitution and Administrative Law,Peking University,Supreme People's Procuratorate “FangYuan” Business and AffairJournal,and Hunan Bing Kun law firm.Experts and scholars discussed the effectiveness of the network security law and the Constitution in the network space, government regulation and the value of network information security and other issues.Peking University law school professor Jiang Mingan, Professor Wang Shizhou, Professor ZhanZhongle,Professor Gan Chaoying,vice president of Zheng Shengli China of intellectual property law, the Supreme People's Court of Law Application Research Institute deputy director Fan Mingzhi,National Ministry of Industry and Telecommunications Research Institute ResearcherWang Rong, National School of Administration professor Han Chunhui, vice president of Xinhua News Agency Beijing branch Xiao Chunfei, deputy editor of the Supreme People's the radius of Procuratorate magazine Zeng Xianwen, Chinese Internet association secretary general Hu Gang Research Center, Beijing Long’an lawyer office director Alex power, Hangzhou safe network science and technology limited company vice president Dan Yongzhong, director of law firm Hunan Bingkun Deng Ye and other experts and scholars attended the seminar.Xinhua News Agency, Legal Daily, People's court,China Business Times, China Intellectual Property News, China Business Daily, China News Network,Caixin Network, Justice Network,China Lawyer Network,Yuan Lv Network and other media took part in the seminar .The seminar was presided over by Professor Jiang Mingan, director of the center for constitutional and administrative law at Peking University.

At the meeting, Jiang Mingan pointed out that network space needed to be governedby law.The meeting focused on the relationship between the freedom of expression and the government regulation.Fan Mingzhi, deputy director and several experts believed that the network itself does not create a new social relationship, but the network technology bring the legal facts of the difficulties, but also bring challenges to the existing regulatory mechanism.Professor Wang Shizhou and other criminal law experts from two angles of theory and practice, argued the influence of the criminal law amendment to the network crime and the regulation of the freedom of expression.Professor Jiang Mingan also pointed out that the role of the constitution must be emphasized.In addition, the China Internet Association Research Center Secretary General Hu Gang also said that the national network of space sovereignty is the embodiment and extension of national sovereignty in cyberspace.After three hours of intense discussion, the seminar successfully concluded after the completion of the established agenda.

Translated by: Sun Jingwei

Edited by: Xia Jing