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The 21st Boya Public Law Forum Held Successfully

At Sep 24th, 2015, 19:00, the 21st Boya Public Law Forum was held successfully at Room 307 in Koguan Building of PKU Law School. Prof. He Huaihong, from PKU Philosophy Department, gave a speech themed “Political Practice and Theory”. Prof. Li Qiang, from PKU School of Government, Prof. Gan Chaoying, from PKU Law School, and Prof. Liu Jinglun, from Hebei University of Economics and Business, presented as guest speakers. Prof. Chen Duanhong, from PKU Law School, hostedthe forum. Nearly one hundred experts and students participated.

Firstly, Professor Chen Duanhong introduced the guests and the background of this forum.

Secondly, Professor He Huaihong shared his opinions about the theme.

Next, Professor Li Qiang, Professor Liu Jinglun and Professor Gan Chaoying expressed their opinions.

The participants fully discussed the concerning questions about “Political Practice and Theory”,ended the Forum with a meaningfulclosure.

Translated by: He Xin
 Edited by: Xia Jing