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The Welcome Ceremony for 2015 International Students

On Sept. 9th afternoon, the welcome ceremony for 2015 international students was held in Siheyuan of Chenming Building. Dean Zhang Shouwen, vice dean Wang Xixin, vice dean Guo Li, Assistant Dean and Director Li Yuanyuan of External Affairs, faculty representatives Professor Chen Yifeng, Yi Ping, and Jiang Su, Ms Xu Xiaoying and Ms Wei Xining all attended the ceremony. And Miss Huang Jiaona of 2013 Juris Master Program host the ceremony.
Dean Zhang Shouwen, on behalf of the law school, send warm welcome to all international students. China’s development has gained attention from all over the world. From this point, knowing about Chinese legal system, he said, will a great asset in future career of the students. In PKU law school there are many top legal professors who have abundant teaching experience and excellent academic ability. From the professors international students can learn a great amount of knowledge of Chinese legal system which proves that the students here made a very good choice. Also, the international students here, to some extent, provide the Chinese students a chance an opportunity to learn the systems of other jurisdictions. In the end, he wish the international students can have a very good time here in Beijing.

Vice dean Wang Xixin who is in charge of the external affairs gave his warm welcome to all the students. He said that the students here made a very wise choice to come to Peking University because they come on the right time, to the right place, and will meet the right people. For the past several years, Chinese legal system has undergone significant changes, and Peking University law school is the best law school in China which have the best students from all over China.

Prof. Jiang Su, as the representative of the faculty and also the teacher of Legal Chinese, gave his agree to what Dean Zhang Shouwen and vice dean Wang Xixin has just said. He also gave his thought on why the students should come to Peking University Law School and how they can gain more from this experience.

Justin Pwavra represented the 2015 Chinese Law LLM Program students shared why he chose this program and his expectations for the next two years.

Charles-Quincy Arke, the exchange student of 2015 fall, told his story of the first impressions of Beijing, and of China. As a new comer, he was curious about all the things here in Beijing, and found it rather different from what he used to in his own country and own culture. For the coming semester he wants to learn Chinese, to have a better understanding of China and its legal system.

The ceremony was ended with big applause. After the ceremony, all the attendees are invited to join the “Happy Hour” event in which they talked with each other, and had a very good time.