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Law School 2015 Scholarship Ceremony was Successfully Held

The 3rd Law School 2015 Scholarship Ceremony was successfully held at the Law Student Club. Chiefs of sponsors and Officials of Law School attended the meeting. The ceremony was presided by teacher Shi, the Secretary of the Communist Youth League as well as director of student affairs office.
At the beginning, Professor Pan, the Law School party secretary reviewed the great results of Law School, and expressed his appreciation to the sponsors for their efforts to help. He also gave congratulations to the winners of the scholarship.
Then, the guests gave awards to the students, and took pictures with them. Seven kinds of awards were given in total.

Then, the student representatives gave their speeches. They said the honor of the scholarship was a kind of positioning as well as identity, and has great significance for students’ learning and growth.

After that, the guests expressed their appreciation and wished to the students, hoping them to improve their academic abilities as well as personality.

Regarding to the current problems and confusion of the students, guests gave their answers based on their own experience, and encouraged them to become more outstanding.

Translated by Kang Weiting
Edited by Tang Yaqi