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The 32th Peking University Intellectual Property Right Lecture?Held Successfully

On June 15, the 32th Peking University Intellectual Property Right Lecture, which also named the 2th Qiangguo Lecture was successfully held in moot court of KoGuan Building. This lecture was hosted by Peking University International Intellectual Property Right Research Center, National Intellectual Property Strategy Research Center (Peking University) and Beijing Qiangguo Intellectual Property Right Institute.The topic of lecture was the work and thought of Huawei's intellectual property right, it attracted many people came to view.
Song Liuping (Vice President of Huawei Co., LTD) was the guest, Yi Jiming (professor of Peking University Law School) hosted the lecture, Zhang Ping (professor of Peking University Law School), Yang Xuri (dean of Beijing Qiangguo Intellectual Property Right Institute), Song Hefa (from The Chinese Academy of Sciences), Fu Tong (from Qihoo 360 Co., LTD) were senators.
Dr. Song said the core value of the intellectual property system mainly comes from the western countries, its purpose is to protect creation, namely national protects the creator for a certain period in the form of legal, in exchange for all mankind to share the wisdom of wealth and continue to innovate and stimulates the entrepreneurs.
Fu Tong viewed Huawei company is technology-oriented enterprises of China. Such enterprise patent strategy has three aspects to strengthen, first is to ensure the safety of global business, second is exchange capacity, third is the ability to realize value.
Yang Xuri pointed out that China must adjust structure, stable growth to achieve innovation driven development if China want to promote the competitiveness of technology industry and international image.
Song He said, the intellectual property rights development of the enterprise and national intellectual property strategy implementation rely mainly on four aspects of construction, R&D and innovation ability, and nature competition in the market and strong protection of intellectual property rights, rectify the purpose of patent application and independent innovation.
Zhang ping said, the top level of enterprise management means the establishment of proprietary brand package licensing model. Though patent is more attractive, the brand strategy also has an irreplaceable position in the integrated concept of intellectual property strategy.
During the lecture, many people asked questions about the topic. Yi Jiming made answer one by one. In the summary, Yi Jiming said, under the era of global competition market and Internet technology, a technology and the growth of a company, both can be catalyzed by the rise in a short time, but at the same time, due to reasons such as network information sharing, the death of the subject is easier. While the enterprise life cycle shorten generally, Huawei's long standing let us see the draw lessons from the meaning of the pattern.
Brief introduction of lecturer:
Liu Pingsong is the chief legal officer of Huawei. He was born in 1966 and he is the postdoctoral of Beijing Institute of Technology. He joined Huawei in 1966 and was dominated as manager of product strategy planning, minister of intellectual property department, ministry of foreign secretary, member of PSST, President of ministry of law, chief legal officer, director of the patent committee, director of trade compliance with customs compliance committee, the disciplinary and supervisory board member of human resources, member of financial and economic committee and so on.

Translated by Huang Xiao
Edited by Tang Yaqi