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PKULS ranks first on 2015 top undergraduate law majors of universities in China

China Alumni Association Net, the most influential and Authoritative university rankings in China, has finished 2015 top undergraduate majors of universities in China report, which issued the best major rankings of University in China in 2015. Peking University ranks first in law, science, medical science, history and literature. Peking University law school ranks first on 2015 top undergraduate law majors, and Renmin University, Wuhan University, Jiling University and China university of political science and law ranks from second to fifth.


Peking University Law School has always devoted to build a world-class law school, sticking to education with high quality and improving the teaching and scientific research and management. Teachers in PKULS take active part in the academic research in law and published a variety of academic achievements with high quality. Research centers in PKULS, like the rule of law and development research center, play an important role in academic exchange and decision-making consolation. Academic journals made or edited by PKLUS or teachers, such as Peking University Law Journal, Peking University Journal of Legal Studies, have made great contribution to legal research.


Peking University Law School has always put high levels of legal talents training in the first place, which sticks to the traditional theory teaching and at the same time puts more emphasis on practice skills, sticks to professional ability training and at the same time focuses on comprehensive quality, guiding students focusing on the issues in China and at the same time broadens the international perspective. PKULS always adheres to the standpoint that based on China and look around the world. With a high goal and international perspective, PKULS not only trains the students to concern and solve the problems in China, but also participate in the international legal issues solution. So PKULS established a stable cooperation with the word-famous law schools such as Harvard University, Yale University, Stanford University, Columbia University, University of California, Berkeley, Oxford University, Humboldt-University zu Berlin, Institut d'etudes politiques de Paris, Tokyo University and National University of Singapore and so on. PKULS also carried out the program of Jingjiang youth leader of the law, selecting more than hundred students and teachers every year to study in the laws school mentioned before, and invited many professors to teach in PKULS. These programs play important role in promoting the international academic exchange in law and cultivate the international talents. Thanks to the exchanging programs, the graduating students from PKULS with excellent professional ability and international perspective win a wide acclaim of employers in the whole world.


2015 top undergraduate majors of universities in China report issued by China Alumni Association Net explains the top majors in different universities in China, which classifies and evaluates the undergraduate majors of universities in comprehensive ability, education level, teaching quality and education characteristics. Different stars means different levels. The evaluating system includes the quality of graduate students (excellent alumni), teaching quality, teacher quality and discipline construction and so on. People think highly of its influence and credibility of the rankings. Peking University Law School will continue to improve its teaching, academic research and management to quicken the space to build a world-class law school and makes greater contribution to building Peking University as a world-class university.




Translated by:Tang Yaqi

Edited by: Li Jie