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President of University of Helsinki Visited Law School

On April 22, 2015, Jukka Kola, President of University of Helsinki, visited PKULS to promote the communication and cooperation with PKULS. At the courtyard, the visitors received a warm reception from Dean Zhang Shouwen, Vice Dean Wang Xixin, Lecturer Chen Yifeng and Li Yuanyuan of External Affairs Office.

Firstly, Dean Zhang Shouwen welcomed the visitors and emphasized on the significance of international cooperation, especially that between University of Helsinki and Peking University and their law schools.


Secondly, President Jukka Kola thanked for the welcome and expressed his wish for strengthening the cooporation by holding activities such as PKU Day at Helsinki. He said that regard for China’s important position in global economy and close connection with the Europe, it would be necessary for legal practitioners to get a sense of China’s market and legal system in the future, so PKU and Helsinki should join in the effort to talent development and culture exchange.


Then, Vice Dean Wang Xixin pointed out that both sides can launch short-term courses to introduce their legal systems and enhance mutual understanding.


Finally, the two sides reached a consensus on strength their cooperation in sending visiting scholars, promoting student exchange programs, sharing academic resources and exploring communicating access.


Translated by: Fang Zhou

Edited by: Li Jie