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Vice President of Apple Corp Mr. Watrous Visited PKULS

Wednesday afternoon on April 15th, vice president of Apple Corp Mr. Wartous visited the law school of PKU. The dean of law school, Zhang Shouwen; Deputy Dean Wang Xixin and the teacher of foreign affairs apartment, Li Yuanyuan gave a reception to the visitors.

The dean of law school Zhang Shouwen expressed a warm welcome to the guests. Then he introduced the members of the faculty briefly, and Peking University Law School in the intellectual property rights, competition law, antitrust law and other parties have a common interest in the field of teaching and research. He pointed out that the law in these areas and many government departments and enterprises have established close relations of cooperation, hope and Apple Corp can also carry out more cooperation projects in related fields.

Mr. Watrous thanks Dean Zhang Shouwen for the warm reception. He said, as one of the most important markets in the world, the Apple Corp attaches great importance to the development Chinese market. Starting from his own patent and intellectual property, that China present in this area of judicial reform and practice will be related to the development of Apple Corp in China business development and strategy.

Dean Zhang Shouwen stressed the importance of intellectual property laws, especially the guiding role for the academic field of the field of intellectual property and antitrust law. Vice President Wang Xixin agreed, that apple made the industrial achievements of world attention, play a decisive role in the intellectual property field effect. He also introduced the foreign exchange situation of our college, including research center of anti-monopoly law or intellectual property law and related programs, and hoped that the two sides can further practice in terms of academic cooperation and exchange.

Then, Professor Zhang Ping introduced the development of Intellectual Property Institute of Peking University, and points out that the knowledge production, the establishment of twenty years to train a large number of high-level legal talent, worked in the courts at all levels, government departments, companies and law firms. After that, she introduced the academic problem at present, pay more attention to a series of the field of intellectual property rights, has attracted visitors resonance. Around these professional issues, the two sides discussed.

Mr. Watrous praised the school of law in the field of intellectual property and construction achievements, PKULS is one of the important partners of Apple Corp. He hopes to cooperate more closely in the development of industry and academic research in many aspects with the law school. Mr. Go, vice president of Apple Corp introduced the structure, scale and scope of work China Apple team, and expressed the hope that in the future there will be further cooperation. Finally, Professor Wang Xixin also sent to the invitation of Mr. Watrous. Mr. Watrous hopes that he can go to Peking University for a keynote speech in the future.

Translated by: Li Jie

Edited by: Tang Yaqi