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Chinese Law Students Visited A Chinese Teahouse

In the afternoon of Apr. 17th, under the guidance of Ms. Zhao Xue, Chinese Law LL.M. Program students and some exchange students visited “Xianglinyuan” (香林苑书画茶艺会馆), a Chinese teahouse focusing on traditional Chinese art. They had a special experience of traditional Chinese culture there.

The staff of the teahouse welcomed the students with beautiful melody by traditional Chinese instrument Guzheng(古筝). After a brief introduction, the students were invited to enjoy traditional Chinese tea making ceremony. They also got the chance to taste several kinds of famous Chinese tea, including Longjing(龙井)tea from Xihu Lake, Dahongpao(大红袍)from Fujian Province and Jasmine tea made by jasmine flower, green tea, and etc. The special fragrance and taste of Chinese tea deeply impressed the students.

After drinking Chinese tea, the students enjoyed Guzheng(古筝)performance of several famous Chinese songs. They even had a chance to try playing the instrument in person.

At last, the students were taught how to draw fine-brush (工笔 )painting, a style of traditional Chinese painting. They were instructed to hold the brush and paint on the paper, which was quite new and interesting to them.

This visit provides an excellent opportunity for foreign students to learn about traditional Chinese culture. It is a novel experience for all the students. Through the visit, students learned a lot of knowledge of traditional Chinese culture and got more intuitive feelings of it. Though it is the first time for Chinese Law students to attend this kind of activities, it turns out to be very successful.