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The Fifteenth Academic Salon Held Successfully

The fifteenth academic salon of law school was held successfully on March 27th at Room 307, Koguan Buiding. The theme of the salon was “the application of temporary relief: predicament and outlet”, and Zhang Wenliang, the law school postdoctoral, was the speaker. Zhang Shouwen, Dean of the school of law, and Pan Jianfengthe party secretary as well as other professors also attended the meeting.

First, Zhang Wenliang introduced the concept and role of temporary relief, as well as its current development condition in the world. He pointed out that the predicament of temporary relief lies in its structure, review of the issue, the unilateral procedure and the reparable damage it may cause. Regarding to these problems, he gave some viable solutions from the perspective of the parties, the country and international society.

Then, other professors warmly discussed on the themes of the validity, jurisdiction, international judicial cooperation and Chinese preservation system in temporary relief system. Zhang Wenliang also gave answers to these problems.

Finally, the academic Sharon came to a successful conclusion. Problems about temporary relief were deeply discussed in the salon, including the necessity and complexity of the system, which would be of great significance to the study and development of temporary relief system.

Translated by: Ma Yusong

Edited by: Li Jie