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The 2014 Teaching Experience Exchange Meeting of PKULS Held Successfully

The law school teaching experience exchange meeting 2014 was held successfully in the report hall Koguan Building in the afternoon of December 19. More than 40 teachers of law school attended the seminar. The meeting was hosted by vice president Guo Li.

Dean Zhang Shouwen made a summary of our work this year regarding teaching and research and etc., fully affirming the achievements of all the teachers, hoping that the teacher fully participate in exchanging experience to make constant improvement of our teaching quality.


Gao Dai, Vice president of graduate school, and Head of Education Department Dong Zhiyong gave their speeches representing their departments respectively. They introduced the progress in enrolling new students, course construction, teaching system and management standard research, graduation thesis guidance and other aspects of work in 2014 of Peking University, fully affirming the efforts that our law school has dedicated in teaching reform and hoping that our experience can be provided as a positive reference to the rest of the departments in the university.


Pan Jianfeng made a review of the work in teaching from 2011 to 2014 in our school and expounded the work plan for the next stage, pointing out the need to continue to implement and improve the work of curriculum reform, to promote the standardization of teaching, and to improve the quality of the courses.


Subsequently, the meeting went into the experience sharing session. Jiang Shigong made an introduction of practical courses with specific program as examples, presenting their good effect and bright prospects. He emphasized the importance of increasing the depth, the breadth and the freshness of knowledge of the courses to the graduate students. Wang Jiancheng suggested that teachers must deal with important relationships between systematic teaching and timing of courses, personal ideas and academic consensus, case teaching and theory teaching, curricular and extracurricular, teaching and educating and so on. Liu Kaixiang pointed out that teaching methods should differ from man to man, and that we should help students to understand the applications of law through typical cases. Yang Xiaolei introduced practical courses currently in law schools in China, pointed out some misunderstandings of them, made some suggestions and then introduced related experience of practical courses, taking legal clinic as an example. Liang Genlin and Chen Ruihua respectively gave their comments on both teaching undergraduate and graduate, emphasizing the importance of shaping independent personality as well as and necessity of strict requirements of doctoral dissertation. Then they explicitly proposed to create a good moral and academic atmosphere.


In a free discussion session, Bai Jianjun, Wang Lei, Liu Dongjin, Chen Ruoying, Yan Tian and other participants shared their own views. They put forward many thought-provoking questions and solutions. The meeting ended successfully in a warm atmosphere.


This meeting sets up an efficient platform for law school teachers to exchange their teaching experience, which helps to lead us to clear direction to future teaching reform so that we are able to make effective plans to upgrade our teaching quality and to continue our development constantly.


Translated by: Ma Yusong

Edited by: Zhou Yingzi