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Law School Established Alumni Work and School Cultural Development Fund

In order to support the development of the education in Peking University law school, to better promote the alumni work and school culture development, and to hold more cultural and sports activities between teachers and students and to promote teaching, scientific research and talent activities, Bao Huiqun, our master of law who graduated in 2004 donated funds to Peking University Education Foundation to set up " alumni work and school cultural development fund of Peking University law school".

On December 25th, Bao Huiqun and the Peking University law school, Peking University Education Foundation signed a tripartite agreement, and he donated disposable two million yuan for the establishment of "Peking University Law School alumni work and cultural development fund", which strongly supported college development and construction of alumni Center.


Bao Huiqun said he would continue to care for the development and construction of law school and alumni, and he would together with other alumni to give multi-channel support and help to the development of school.


Since the establishment of Peking University Law School for 110 years, the pupils are everywhere. Alumni are the most valuable wealth to our school. Over the years, the majority of alumni concern and support the development of the Institute, playing an important role in donation and personnel recommendations in law school, and the school will never forget the alumni’s support and contribution.



Translated by: Zheng Lingling

Edited by: Zhou Yingzi