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The Intercommunion Meeting of "Small Class Teaching" Experience Held Successfully in PKU Law School

In November 22nd, the Intercommunion Meeting of "Small Class Teaching" Experience was hosted in the hall of economics school. The meeting was organized by the educational administration department, besides President Wang Enge attended and gave a speech. Vice Minister of the Ministry of educational administration, Professor Jiang Shigong, vice president Guo Li, president assistant Che Hao, educational administration office Xu Xiaoying also participated in the discussion. Among them, the professor Jiang Shigong and his team made a special report,  introducing its jurisprudence "small class teaching"experience.

Professor Jiang pointed out, jurisprudence is the core curriculum of general education in Peking University, and is the earliest one of courses using small class discussion way of teaching. The course on content-oriented thinking, starting from the problem, and guide to explore the truth behind the problem. Formally, the uses of large class lectures, small class discuss ways. Next, assistant representatives Ye Rui  introduced courses teaching assistants work, including to understand the students, guide the group discussion, reading report reading members and gives the usual results. Finally, two classes of students, who speak on behalf of the all the students, Xu Ke and Yang Ken, talked about the course of study and gain experience, thank exchange platform and discuss opportunities for classroom teachers and teaching assistants provided that enhance their ability to be of great help. "Another form of small class teaching" is MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses), which is a large open online course. In law school Ling Bin teacher open the "legal writing and retrieval" as the representative.


The exchange of experience is a concentrated display of comprehensive summary and results of the "small class teaching" experience, a lot of peer also came to observe. The participants actively participate in a heated discussion.  on this basis, we will concentrate on the further efforts to promote the related work.



Translated by: Yang Yi


Editedt by: Zhou Yingzi