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LL.M. Program Students Visited Beijing Legal Aid Center

On the morning of November 21st, PKU LL.M. Program students and some law school exchange students visited Beijing Legal Aid Center under Ms. Zhao Xue’s guidance. They were warmly welcomed by Mr. Zhang and Ms. Jia, directors of the center and had a thorough discussion with them.
 At the beginning, Ms. Cao, a lawyer of the center made a brief introduction to the students. She told the history and status quo of the center in front of the pictures on the display board in the hall.
 After the general introduction, the students had a communication with Mr. Zhang and Ms. Jia in the meeting room. The students asked a lot of questions about legal aid in China, such as the requirements for the application of legal aid in China, how people choose legal aid and how the legal aid staff deals with numerous cases. Mr. Zhang answered with distinguished expertise and great enthusiasm. Mr. Zhang had just attended an academic forum of legal aid in Europe and communicated with some foreign experts, thus he had acquired basic knowledge and new trend of legal aid of foreign countries, which helped the students better understand the legal aid in China. After the Q&A session, Mr. Zhang made a summary of the discussion. He held the view that the legal aid in China should learn from that of Europe to step forward in a steady pace, instead of blindly expanding.
 At last, each student introduced themselves and the status of legal aid in their home countries. Mr. Zhang expressed his gladness of communicating with them, and hoped they could be the ambassadors of law and culture between China and their countries. When the visit came to an end, Mr. Zhang, Ms. Jia and Ms. Zhao exchanged gifts and the visiting group took photos together.
 The student had learned a lot about Chinese legal aid, which would help them in their further study of Chinese law. They looked forward to more on-site learning in future.

(LL.M. Program Office)