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The Eighth Annual Meeting of BESETO Successfully Held in Tokyo University

The eighth annual meeting of BESETO successfully held in ITO international academic research center line of Tokyo University on September 19th. BESETO stands for three top law school in East Asia - Peking University Law School, Law School of Seoul National University and the law school of Tokyo University. The vice president Guo Li and Professor Hou Meng attended this annual meeting.

The theme of the conference is legal problems of the Aging of the era and Professor Toshihiro Kawaide host the conference. Professor Yoichi Nishikawa welcome the all of participants. The topic of Professor Hou Meng is Disputes and Judicial Changes in the aging era of China and the topic of Professor Woo – young who is from the Seoul National University is Judicial Appointment in South Korea in the aging Society. Then Professor Norio Higuchi from Tokyo University makes a speech of Elder Law in aging society in Japan: too much or too little. All the participants launched a hot discussion.

In the afternoon, Professor Kichimoto Asaka host the conference. The topic of Professor Hyeok-joon Rho from Seoul National University is Intermediated Securities Transactions in the Aging Society: from Immobilization to Dematerialization. And the topic of Professor Akira Kamo from Tokyo University is Testamentary Dispositions in the Aging Society. Professor Guo Li and other professors also put forward their respective solutions from the perspective of legal theory and practice and international comparison.

BESETO regular meetings had an important positive significance on strengthening three schools and legal scholars' communication and understanding. During meetings, the two teachers introduced the latest development of our law school. They were invited to visit the library and the teaching facilities, gave academic journals, and also visited the alumni who work in Tokyo. In 2015, Peking University will be the contractor of the ninth annual meeting of BESETO, the parties all hope there will be further communication.

( Written by: External Affairs Office and Scientific Research Office )

Translated by: Bian Jiahuan
Edited by: Zhou Yingzi