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LL.M. Students Visited MOFCOM Anti-Monopoly Bureau

On October 24th, 2014, under the guidance of Ms. Zhao Xue, LL.M. Program Students and other exchange students visited Anti-Monopoly Bureau of Ministry of Commerce of PRC. Director Zhu Zhongliang and Wang Chen welcomed Chinese Law students warmly.

To begin with, Mr. Wang introduced the system of Chinese Anti-Monopoly law, especially four categories of monopolistic activities the law regulates. He then introduced enforcement authorities and organizational structure of Anti-Monopoly Law, especially China’s MOFCOM Anti-Monopoly Bureau, and interpreted the functions and responsibilities, giving students a general impression of antimonopoly administrative acts and the function of Anti-Monopoly Bureau.

Then, the students raised many relevant questions in their field of interest. As for the case of Coca-Cola Company acquiring Huiyuan Juice, Mr. Zhu stated that it was really tough time and hard to make a final decision. They had to be very cautious and prudent to block the case, based on many rounds of negotiation and comprehensive assessment of competitive impacts. And as for how to impose remedies, Mr. Zhu pointed out that Anti-Monopoly Bureau would not force the enterprises to take measures or decide on what kinds of remedies to propose. It is the notifying party to propose the remedies in the first place. Furthermore, he explained the two types of remedies, and consequences when the notifying parties breach their promises. Mr. Zhu also talked about the impact of the public opinions on decision-making and the administrative practice before Anti-Monopoly Law came into effect. In the end, he shared with us the difficulties the Anti-Monopoly Law enforcement is facing, and showed his agency confidence in Chinese antimonopoly practice.

In the whole process of the seminar, Mr. Zhu and Mr. Wang talked in fluent English with the students and answered the students’ questions patiently. They both shared their valuable practical experiences and interesting stories in their work on antitrust merger review. Chinese government officials’ elegant and professional demeanor deeply impressed the international students.

Through the visit, students learned more knowledge about Chinese antimonopoly system, and they all expressed their anxious hope to have more such instructive lectures in future.