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Peking University Advanced Seminar on Labor Law Risk Prevention and Labor Dispute Resolution was Successfully Held

From August 8 to 20, 2022, Peking University Law School opened the "Peking University Advanced Seminar on Labor Law Risk Prevention and Labor Dispute Resolution".

Course highlights review

Yan Tian gave a lecture on Employment Form of Labor Law. Mr. Yan introduced the changes in employment patterns over the past 40 years since China's reform and opening up, discussed the tightness of the supervision measures for temporary employment, took the supervision of typical new businesses as the starting point, elaborated the internal and external reasons for the introduction of the "July New Deal" and other regulatory measures, proposed thinking on the supervision of new businesses, and carried out interactive exchanges around the supervision of the protection of labor rights and interests of temporary employment through nucleic acid testing.

Yan Tian, Assistant Professor of Peking University Law School

A practical expert from a labor and personnel dispute arbitration court in Beijing gave a lecture on the establishment and determination of labor relations. From the perspective of labor arbitrators, the experts combed the relevant laws and regulations on the establishment and determination of labor relations in the current law.

Lawyer Jiang Junlu gave a lecture on Analysis of Difficulties in Labor Contract. Lawyer Jiang analyzed the trend of labor dispute cases in recent years and the problem of concentrated conflicts, combined with judicial cases to introduce the legal provisions involved in economic compensation, overtime pay, year-end bonus and other issues, the distribution of burden of proof and the trend of judicial adjudication, and advocated strengthening the awareness of enterprise labor compliance management and preventing the occurrence of labor law risks.

Jiang Junlu, Director and Chief Partner of Beijing Puran Law Firm

A judicial expert of an intermediate people's court in Beijing gave a lecture on "Cancellation and Termination of Labor Contract". The experts take the process of handling labor dispute cases, the basic theory of labor law and laws and regulations as the starting point, cooperate with judicial trial cases, analyze different situations of contract dissolution and termination, analyze the difficulties of judicial practice and the key points of judicial trial, and share the cutting-edge views and trial essentials of judicial practice.

Policy experts from the Beijing Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau gave a lecture on the Case Analysis and Risk Prevention of Competition Restrictions and Service Period Agreements. 

Jin Jinping gave a lecture on the Pension System as Social Security. Based on the current situation of China's aging population, Mr. Jin introduced the three pillars of the current old-age security system, and proposed that the construction of the old-age security system should be shared by the government, society, enterprises and individuals. 

Jin Jinping, Associate Professor of Peking University Law School

Guo Changsheng gave a lecture on the Industrial Injury Insurance System and Dispute Resolution. Mr. Guo focused on the conditions and procedures for the identification of work-related injuries in the payment of work-related injury benefits, and refined the abstract work-related injury identification law through cases, so as to "connect" successfully with the ever-changing practical cases, improve the enterprise's ability to deal with work-related injury accidents and labor compliance, safeguard the rights and interests of workers in work-related injury insurance, and conduct interactive exchanges around the timeliness of work-related injury identification.

Guo Changsheng, Deputy Director of the Tax Law Research Center of Peking University

This seminar, in the form of live broadcast+interaction, law sorting+case analysis, clarifies the dispute resolution mechanism in the labor field, provides practical operation strategies, helps employers build a labor law risk prevention mechanism, and solves the problem of the parties' safeguarding their legitimate rights and interests. At present, the course is still in continuous enrollment, and more new students are welcome to join in.

Translated by: Zhu Yichun

Edited by:Chen Hong