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The 20th Anniversary of the Admission of Class 2002 Undergraduate Successfully Held

On August 20, 2022, the 20th Anniversary of the Admission of Class 2002 Undergraduate successfully held. In order to cooperate with the school's regular epidemic prevention and control measures, the Undergraduate of Class 2002 did not return to their familiar school and college. Some alumni in Beijing chose to meet at a conference hall near the school, and alumni outside of Beijing participated via video throughout the event. The alumni revisited the old days with their classmates, talked about their life experiences, and wished for a bright future. 

The Alumni Office of PKULS assisted the alumni in the preparation of the event, and delivered souvenirs for the alumni. The alumni were given copies of their school registration forms and lamented that this experience was precious. 

Pan Jianfeng, Lu Jiangnan, Gong Xiantian, Zhu Suli, Wang Lei, Liu Yan, Fu Yulin, Xu Aiguo, Deng Feng, Hong Yanrong, Zhao Xiaohai, Dang Shuping and other teachers congratulated on their presence. Teachers who were not present also delegated the Alumni Office to convey their blessings to other alumni. The event was hosted by Zhuang Tiantian and Wu Yue, alumni of 2002 undergraduate class.

At the beginning of the event, a commemorative video made by Zhuang Tiantian was played, which brought the alumni's thoughts back to 20 years ago.

After that, Prof. Pan Jianfeng, Dean of PKULS, delivered a speech on behalf of the School. He introduced the development and achievements of the law school in recent years, also expected the alumni to further support the development of the PKULS and visit more often in the future.

Vice Party Secretary Lu Jiangnan, who is in charge of alumni work, introduced the work of the Alumni Association in recent years. He hoped that all alumni would join the alumni platform, participate in alumni activities, condense alumni strength, and support each other's development.

After that, every teacher spoke one by one, recalling the scenes when they taught the students, believing that the life of PKULS is an indelible memory for all of them.

Alumni are now distributed in important positions in government agencies, legal services, financial investment, information technology, culture and entertainment, academic research and other fields, and have made outstanding achievements. Alumnus Sui Chuanbin, founder of Guizhou Wenshi Wine, shared his experiences after graduation and presented the teachers with a customized gift to commemorate the 20th anniversary of his enrollment on behalf of the alumni of this class.

The event drew to its end in a room full of memories, and the alumni looked forward to meeting again in campus to catch up with their fellow students.


Translated by: Yin Zhuolin

Edited by: Meng Zihan