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PKULS Class 2001 Alumni Enrollment 20th Anniversary Successfully Held

On December 25, 2021, Law School Class 2001 Alumni Enrollment 20th Anniversary Successfully Held. In order to cooperate with the school's normalized COVID prevention measures, Alumni who cannot be present in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Melbourne and other places set up a branch venue, and the main venue in Beijing was video linked. Alumni looked back the old days with classmates, talked about life insights, and blessed a better future.

Dang Shuping, Director of Alumni Office of PKULS, and Lu Xinxin, Deputy Director of Alumni Office of PKULS, contributed to the commemorative activity and delivered souvenirs for the alumni. The event was hosted by Class of 2001 alumnus Lin Yanhua. 

Lin Yanhua moderated the event and interacted with alumni from the branch venue

At the beginning of the event, alumni made a video link with the branch venue. Alumni met in the video and lamented that they had become more mature and sophisticated in the past few years and that their friendship was stronger than ever. 

Dang Shuping Introduced Alumni Work

Dang Shuping expressed the school's greeting to every alumnus, and introduced the development of alumni work in recent years. She emphasized that the purpose of alumni work is to serve the PKULS community, so she hopes that alumni will pay more attention to PKULS’s development and condense the strength of alumni. 

Alumni representatives speak

Then, alumni representatives shared their unforgettable time in school, talking about their work and life insights. Some alumni recalled the experience of going to the library with their classmates; some alumni shared their experiences of traveling around to conduct academic research over the years; and some alumni who have left the law profession shared their experiences of starting a business in their respective fields. Everyone said that wherever they went, they were proud of being a membership of PKULS community.

In order to repay the cultivation of their Alma Mater, the Class of 2001 alumni raised 500,000 yuan to set up the "00129 Scholarship Foundation" to continue to subsidize PKULS students. 

Group Photo

The event drew to an end with memories, and the alumni expressed their hope that the COVID outbreak would end as soon as possible, so everyone could get together again in the Yanyuan campus.

Translated by: Yang Han

Edited by: Zhang Dayuan