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Law School Volunteers Mobilization Meeting for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics


As the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics approached, 32 Law School volunteers and interns would depart for the ice carnival to devote their youth. In order to inspire the enthusiasm of volunteer students and to serve the needs of volunteer students in their studies and life, the Law School held a mobilization meeting for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics volunteers in Koguan Building Lecture Hall on the afternoon of January 6. Law School Party Secretary Guo Li, Vice Party Secretary Lu Jiangnan, Assistant Dean and Youth League Committee Secretary Shi Shi, Vice Youth League Committee Secretary Li Chaofu attended the meeting with school volunteers and interns.

First, teachers and students watched the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics countdown promotional film to feel the charm of ice and snow sports and the strong atmosphere of the Winter Olympics.

The teachers and students attending the meeting were watching promotional film together.

Then Mr. Shi introduced the overall situation of Law School volunteers. He encouraged students to improve their adaptability and learning abilities in the new situation of epidemic prevention and control, devote themselves to volunteering at the Winter Olympics with the fullest enthusiasm, and achieve double harvests in service and growth. Meanwhile they could actively publicize the Winter Olympics and motivate students to pay attention to and participate in the Winter Olympics. The College would work with multiple departments to provide all-round support and protection for volunteers. We hoped that students can devote themselves to their work and show the good spirit and youth of Peking University Young Lawyers to the world with a high degree of historical and contemporary responsibility.

Mr. Shi introduced the overall situation of Law School volunteers.

Then the volunteers introduced themselves and expressed their understanding and expectations for the Winter Olympics volunteering. Volunteers said that they would carry forward the Olympic spirit in their service, practice the volunteer service concept of "dedication, fraternity, mutual aid, and progress", and polish the "business card" of Peking University Young Lawyers with practical action.

Later, Mr. Lu presented souvenirs to the volunteer representatives. The small souvenirs carried the College's care and expectations for the volunteer students, hoping that the students could keep their original aspirations in the process of volunteering in the future, always adhere to the power of youth to contribute to the Winter Olympics.

Mr. Lu presented souvenirs to the volunteer representatives.

The delicate souvenirs

After that, Mr. Guo awarded the flag to the volunteer representatives on behalf of the college. In the waving of the Winter Olympics and Paralympics volunteer flag, Law School's Winter Olympics volunteers would embark on the Winter Olympics service journey with a sense of responsibility, mission and honor.

Mr. Guo awarded the flag to the volunteer representatives.

In his message to the volunteers, Lu Jiangnan shared his personal experience of volunteering at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and pointed out that every generation has its youth and memories. Participating in the Olympic Games is a precious opportunity for the youth to combine his memories with his national memory, and to breathe the same fate with the motherland. From 2008 to 2022, from the Water Cube to the Ice Cube, the two Olympic Games record is the vigorous development of New China and history annotation of spirits of Chinese youth. He encouraged the students to experience the volunteer culture in the process of volunteering, deepen the friendship with volunteers in the same field, earnestly implement the standards of Olympic Games volunteering in all positions, ensure the bottom line of safety, work with due diligence, serve with all one's heart, and demonstrate to the world the responsibility and style of PKU Law School students with excellent service.

Mr. Lu shared his personal experience.

Mr. Guo delivered a motivating speech. He first congratulated the students who have become volunteers for the Winter Olympics and thanked them for their active participation in volunteering while studying. He pointed out that the specific work of volunteers was very detailed "small things", but the "small things" were not small, down-to-earth, patient and meticulous, in order to embody the spiritual outlook of the Chinese youth, to show the spirit of the young lawyers. Born in the heyday of the Olympic Games, bearing a heavy responsibility, he hoped that the students would always bear in mind the original intention of volunteering, the focus of serving the overall situation without unnecessary relaxation and nervousness, living up to the General Secretary's earnest exhortations to the youth, blooming their own youth in all posts.

Mr. Guo delivered a Motivating Speech.

After the meeting, the teachers and students took photos as a souvenir.

The teachers and students attending the meeting took photos

The volunteers made speeches

Dedicated to the Winter Olympics, together for a shared future. Law School Olympic and Paralympic Winter Olympics volunteers will devote themselves to volunteer work in high spirits, using the youth to play the strong voice of "please rest assured, the country has me."The law schools will make every effort to provide service for all volunteers and hold a series of activities such as "Warm Winter Olympics", "Fun Winter Olympics", "Winter Olympics Escort" and "Winter Olympics Arousing Emotions". Meanwhile, it will make more forms of publicity, pool joint efforts of publicity, find out advanced models, properly state stories of youth, form a leading role model for youths and gather powerful youth forces to serve the grand meeting of the Winter Olympics.


Directory of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics Law School Volunteers and Interns

Volunteers for the Games:

Bai Xue, Class 2020 Juris Master

Chen Fajun, Class 2018

Chen Zhanglin, Class 2021 Juris Master

Dai Wei, Class 2020 PhD student

Feng Ding, Class 2020

He Yihua, Class 2019

Hong Zijun, Class 2021

Jiang Cong, Class 2020 Juris Master

Jiang Yuxin, Class 2018

Jin Yiling, Class 2019

Lei Yuxin, Class 2018

Lin Shaochun, Class 2020 Juris Master

Liu Linqing, Class 2021 Juris Master

Liu Ruiqing, Class 2020

Lu Xinran, Class 2020

Lu Ziheng, Class 2019

Lu Hanyun, Class 2019

Shi Liying, Class 2020 Juris Master

Wang Chudi, Class 2021

Wang Yukai, Class 2019

Xu Hang, Class 2019 Juris Master

Yan Chunxi, Class 2018

Yang Yuqing, Class 2019

Yin Jia, Class 2020

Yu Qiancheng, Class 2020

Yu Xuechun, Class 2019

Zeng Yichen, Class 2018

Zhang Xiaozhe, Class 2018

Zhang Xinyu, Class 2018

Zhang Xu, Class 2021 PhD student

Zheng Shuyan, Class 2020 Juris Master


Interns for the Games:

Chen Wenzheng, Class 2019 Juris Master


Transltated by: Li Yixiao

Edited by: Li Yixiao