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Peking University Law School 2018 undergraduate Wang Fengquan won the 2021 Rhodes Scholar

The Rhodes Scholarships, which has the reputation of "Global Undergraduate Nobel Prize", announced the 2021 award list on November 17. Peking University Law School has been awarded Rhodes Scholars for two consecutive years. The 2018 undergraduate Wang Fengquan stood out among many applicants and became one of the seventh batch of four Chinese Rhodes scholars to receive the award, following the 2012 undergraduate Zhang Wanyu (2015), 2014 international exchange student Jordan Gifford-Moore (2016), and 2015 undergraduate Lei Qi (2020) is the fourth Peking University Law School student to receive the award. Peking University Law School has become the university department with the largest number of award-winning students since the Rhodes Scholarship entered China/Mainland in 2015.

Fengquan Wang has outstanding learning and innovation abilities, solid professionalism, and a strong sense of social responsibility and family and country feelings. He has successively won national scholarships and Peking University triple-best student model, and has won Peng Zhen Scholarship, Future Leader Scholarship, Business Scholarship, Memes Law Scholarship First Prize, Qiu Haoran Scholarship and other awards. Wang Fengquan focuses on the cultivation of legal practical ability and has participated in many domestic and foreign moot court competitions. As a team member, he has helped with his teammates to win the national championship in the 17th "CIETAC Cup" International Commercial Arbitration Moot Debate; As the captain, he led his team members to win the National Best Letter Award in the 18th "CIETAC Cup" International Commercial Arbitration Moot Arbitration Competition, and the individual won the best debater award in the round robin competition, and in the 18th Willem C.Vis East International Commercial Arbitration Moot Tribunal Debate Competition, the team won the top 32 in the world (ranked eighth in the round-robin competition), and the individual won the Best Debate Award (ranked first among 456 debaters). At the same time, Fengquan Wang is enthusiastic about volunteer service and public welfare. As a member of the SOAR Young Leaders Program, he has gone to Beijing, Tianjin, Hong Kong and other places to conduct research and write reports on the theme of poverty. He has long served as a member of the Peking University Legal Aid Association. One member, organizes social practice and legal aid services. Outside of class, Fengquan Wang actively participated in internship practice and served as the leader of the debate team of Peking University Law School. He has internship experience in the Asia-Pacific Regional Center of the United Nations Trade Law Commission, King & Wood Mallesons and other institutions.

Wang Fengquan was awarded the "Rhodes Scholar", showing the outstanding image of Peking University's young legal professionals with profound national sentiment, broad international vision, and masterful professional skills. It is also a microcosm of the outstanding achievements of Peking University Law School's foreign-related legal personnel training. As the first batch of “education bases for foreign-related legal talents” in the country, Peking University Law School has always actively promoted the cultivation of foreign-related legal talents with an innovative spirit and a pragmatic attitude. The comprehensive quality of cooperation and competition is the goal of training foreign-related legal talents, and is committed to continuously sending a large number of outstanding high-quality legal talents to China and the world.

In the future, Peking University Law School will continue to in-depth study and implement Xi Jinping’s rule of law, insist on improving the international level of teaching, scientific research and talent training, uphold national ingenuity, focus on international vision, and will undertake historical missions, look to the future world, and care about solving China’s problems. As an international development goal, we focus on improving students’ international literacy and leadership ability, guiding students to base themselves on the land of China, telling Chinese stories, and disseminating Chinese wisdom from a global perspective, and have firm ideals for leading global legal education and training. Excellent legal talents with faith and a broad global perspective make their due contributions.

Translated by: Zhu Yichun

Edited by: Zhu Yichun