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PKU Center for Educational law research Best Achievements in Teaching, Research and Social Contributions

Professor Zhan Zhongle, director of the PKU Center for Educational law research, won the third prize of the Sixth National Award for Outstanding Achievements in Education and Scientific Research,for his book "Research on Legal Issues of University Statutes".


The PKU Center for Educational law research was established in 2009. As a leading scholar in the field of educational law in China, Professor Zhan Zhongle, the director of the Center, has long been deeply involved in this field. He has participated in many important educational legislations, and his expert opinions have been adopted many times. Focusing on personnel training, legislative practice, and project research, the Center integrates personnel training, academic research, and legislative consultation, with both local concern and an international perspective. For many years, the Center has been committed to promoting the process of the rule of law in education and serving the construction of the rule of law in education, and has developed into a new high-end think tank with important influence in the country. In November 2017, the Center became a supporting unit of the "Education Legislation Research Base" jointly established by the Department of Policies and Regulations and Peking University, and its influence has been further expanded.


Contributions to Talent Development: So far, the Center has trained nearly 20 doctoral students and nearly 70 master's students, many of whom have become the backbone of educational law research in China.


Contributions to Academic research: The Center has published ten books on education law, including University Rule of Law and Protection of Rights and Interests, Teachers' Rights and Their Legal Guarantees, Research on Legal Issues of University Statutes, Research on Operational Mechanism of Administrative Power and Academic Power in Universities, and has published more than 100 papers in important journals of law and education, promoting the prosperity of the research of education law in China.


Contributions to Legislative Consultation: The Center focuses on major issues in educational practice and hot and difficult issues in the field of Educational rule of law, and participates in the expert argumentation and consultation on the drafting and revision of almost all major education laws, regulations and important policies in recent years, including but not limited to the Education Law, Teachers Law, Higher Education Law, Private Education Promotion Law, Preschool Education Law, Family Education Law, Vocational Education Law, Regulations on Sino-foreign Cooperative Education, Interim Measures for the Formulation of Statutes of Higher Education Institutions, Administrative Provisions on Students in Ordinary Institutions of Higher Education, Provisions on the Protection of Minors in Schools and other laws, regulations and rules, and undertakes the drafting of the Statutes of Peking University (Expert Version), forms several creative and feasible research reports on education legislation and rule of law in education policies, and achieves the unity of academic impact and social benefits.