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Law School Holds a Lecture on "Information Privacy and Social Norms" in 2021 National Constitution Awareness Week


On the evening of November 28, Law School held a lecture on "Information Privacy and Social Norms" online to welcome the arrival of the fourth "Constitution Awareness Week" and the eighth "National Constitution Awareness Week". The Lecture will be incorporated into the curriculum of the Communist Youth League and jointly organized by the Secretariat of the Communist Youth League of the Law School, the Student Legal Aid Association of Peking University, the Graduate Union of Law School and Magic Bao Classroom of Peking University. We have invited Associate Professor Dai Xin, Dean of Law, as the keynote speaker. All members of the Communist Youth League of Law School and more than 3,000 spectators listened to the lecture through the online live platform.

Privacy and personal information protection are hot topics in the field of law and public opinion in China. As the "Constitution Awareness Week" and the National Constitution Day are approaching, this lecture focuses on information privacy system, combining the theoretical dimension of social norms, and discusses the relevant issues in depth.


At the beginning of the lecture, Ms. Dai Xin welcomed the audience and introduced the special topic of "Information Privacy and Social Norms". He said that in the context of the information society, it is of great significance to think about the various legal and social problems brought about by information privacy.

Then, Ms. Dai Xin explains the two nouns from the core concepts of information privacy and social norms, and analyzes the legal definitions of "privacy" and "personal information" based on the specific provisions of "Civil Code" and "Personal Information Protection Law", and discusses how to understand and think about information privacy through practical cases such as face recognition and the privacy of cultural celebrities.

In addition, Ms. Dai Xin analyzes the evolution of the cultural norms of privacy in Chinese society, and emphasizes the need to understand the analytical structure and value trade-off of information privacy law in the light of social norms, so as to protect the reasonable expectation of privacy. At the same time, Ms. Dai Xin points out that combining the understanding of privacy norms in social interaction, it is helpful to find new theoretical and institutional ideas to deal with some of the thorny problems of personal information system.



At the end of the lecture, the students asked questions about information privacy in the society, and Ms. Dai Xin answered them one by one. He said that the privacy issues in social life are different forms, to analyze specific problems, from different perspectives and specific scenes to comprehensively and rationally evaluate whether the behavior touches the privacy, can not be generalized.

Translated by: Yang Lu

Edited by: Zhu Yichun