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The polling station in (Leo) Koguan Building of the Law School successfully completed the voting work of the general election of the 17th National People's Congress of Haidian District


November 5 was the voting day of the 17th Haidian District NPC general election. A polling station was set up in (Leo) Koguan Building to receive voters from the PKULS and other institutions. At around 7:00 a.m., the chief supervisor of the polling station, Lu Jiangnan, and other staff members and student and faculty volunteers arrived at the polling station, carried out comprehensive disinfection work on the polling station environment, arranged the election site in an orderly manner, and made full preparation for the election work. After the solemn ceremony, the staff finished checking and sealing the ballot boxes, and the voting organization work officially started.


 (Leo) Koguan Building Polling Station


At around 8:00 a.m., the first voter was welcomed to the polling station in (Leo) Koguan Building. Voters came to the ballot box to cast their sacred vote after going through the process of identity verification, ballot collection and ballot filling.


Student who came early to vote


At 9:00 a.m., Dean Pan Jianfeng and Party Secretary Guo Li came to the polling station, listened carefully to the arrangement and deployment of the polling station in the (Leo) Koguan Building and the voting precautions, and then sincerely sympathized with the staff on the scene, accepted the verification, received the ballot paper and filled it out carefully, then solemnly cast their votes in front of the ballot box.


Pan Jianfeng, the Dean of the Law School

Guo Li, the Party Secretary of the Law School

Pan Jianfeng, Guo Li, Shen Kui and other teachers


From 8:00 a.m. to 18:30 p.m., teachers and students voters enthusiastically participated in voting and actively exercised their democratic rights granted by law with full political enthusiasm. After the voting work, under the supervision of the supervisors, the on-site staff unified to open the boxes and count the votes. The counters grouped together to check the votes on the spot, counted and tallied the ballots, and reported the results in accordance with the relevant procedures of the law and the relevant regulations of the university.


Vote with enthusiasm

Fill out the ballot carefully

Prof. Wang Cheng (candidate)


In order to effectively prevent and control epidemics and protect the health and safety of voters and staff, the (Leo) Koguan Building polling station fully implemented the epidemic prevention requirements and strictly enforced the requirements of temperature measurement, health verification and hand disinfection at the entrance for each voter who came to vote. A "one-meter line" was pasted at each section of the polling station to remind voters to keep a distance between them, and sufficient masks, hand sanitizer, gloves and other epidemic prevention materials were prepared for voters' use. Volunteers patiently reminded voters to wear masks throughout the polling process and complete the voting process in an orderly manner, and regularly disinfected sign pens, tables and chairs, ballot boxes, etc. to ensure the safety of the voting site environment.


Strictly enforce the requirements of pandemic control

Regularly do on-site disinfection

Volunteers doing disinfection


In order to ensure that the voting was carried out in a safe and orderly manner according to the law, more than 80 volunteers from the law school participated in the prevention of epidemics, verification of voter cards, issuance of ballots, orderly guidance and instruction of filling out ballots, providing solid service guarantee for the smooth completion of the voting. All volunteers served enthusiastically, answering questions and providing guidance to voters. In order to meet the needs of different voters to the greatest extent, a writing office and a secret ballot writing office were also set up on site, and relevant volunteers provided convenience and services to voters with writing difficulties and secrecy needs respectively.


Volunteers guide voters to fill out ballots

Volunteers conduct voting progress data statistics

Group photo of volunteers who supervising tickets

Group photo of all teachers and student volunteers


Under the guidance of the Yan Yuan Street Election Sub-Committee and the Working Group of the Liberal Arts Constituency, the Law School attached great importance to the general election of the Haidian District People's Congress deputies. The polling station of (Leo) Koguan Building carefully organized the on-site service and protection work of the polling station according to the legal procedures, and the volunteers of each post took up their responsibilities and cooperated with each other to successfully complete the tasks of the general election, and effectively achieved an orderly and clean election process.


Translated by: He Jinghan

Edited by: Zhang Dayuan