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Law School Successfully Held the Faculty Meeting of the New Semester

On the afternoon of September 24, the faculty meeting of Law School was successfully held in Koguan Building Lecture Hall. Dean Pan Jianfeng, Party Secretary Guo Li, Vice Presidents Yang Xiaolei, Xue Jun, Che Hao, Deputy Party Secretaries Piao Wendan, Lu Jiangnan, and all the faculty and staff attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Dean Pan Jianfeng.

Party Secretary Guo Li reported on the Party construction and inspection of the College and introduced the fruitful achievements of the College in welcoming the centenary of the founding of the Party, studying the Party history and learning Xi Jinping Thought on the Rule of Law. He also emphasized the key work in the next stage. At the same time, Secretary Guo Li reported on the latest developments in international exchanges and cooperation and future plans.

Deputy Secretary Piao Wendan summarized and reported on the personnel work of the College. She focused on the situation of the new and retired faculty.

In the subsequent retirement ceremony, Dean Pan Jianfeng and Secretary Guo Li presented flowers to three recently retired teachers Bai Jianjun, Sun Dongdong and Song Ying. The three teachers expressed their sincere gratitude to the College and all the faculty for their concern and care, looked forward to their life after retirement, and said that they would continue to follow, participate in and support the development and construction of the College through various channels. 

After that, in the segment of welcoming the new teachers, four new teachers, Gong Gu, Hu Ling, Ji Hailong and Wu Hongqi, introduced themselves to the faculty in turn. 

Subsequently, Vice Dean Che Hao reported on the achievements made by the College in enrollment and teaching training and introduced in detail the progress of graduate enrollment and teaching reform.

Vice Dean Xue Jun summarized and reported on the scientific research work. He introduced the achievements made by the College in scientific research, and said that the College would continue to give strong support to the scientific research work of various disciplines, and encouraged the teachers to continue to contribute to the development and construction of the College's scientific research work.

Vice Dean Yang Xiaolei reported in detail on domestic cooperation, high-end training, administration and other work. He said that, based on the current situation, the College's high-end training business would continue to expand the path, keep the situation, arrange new situations, and plan the overall situation.

Deputy Secretary Lu Jiangnan reported on the work of students, publicity and informatization, alumni, finance, etc., and introduced the latest trends in students and various work plans in the new semester.

Finally, Dean Pan Jianfeng made a concluding speech. He pointed out that, although the COVID-19 pandemic had a greater impact on the work of the College, the faculty and staff actively adapted to the changes in the situation, innovated working methods and made progress while maintaining stability. Dean Pan encouraged the teachers to continue to strengthen their faith, practice the concept of seeking truth, pursue excellence and perseverance, and promote the steady progress of the College.

Translated by: Li Yixiao

Edited by: Li Yixiao