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"Set sail and Build dream Jurisprudence" The training seminar for 2021 freshmen of law School was successfully held

In order to help new students of 2021 learn about the school as soon as possible and adapt to campus life, from September 2 to 10, the School of Law held a training seminar for 2021 freshmen named "Set sail and Build dream Jurisprudence" in the Lecture Hall of Kaiyuan Building. Each functional department of the Law School is responsible for teachers and all freshmen to attend the seminar.

At the seminar, Yan Tian, Assistant Dean and Assistant professor of the School of Law, explained to the students the enrollment of the "Peking University - HKU" double bachelor of Law program in mainland China. Mr. Yan introduced the basic content, attraction, challenge and selection methods of the program in detail, and encouraged the interested and qualified students to sign up for the program, expecting them to learn something from the program.

Vice director of Teaching Affairs Office Fei haini, teachers of Teaching Affairs Office Chen Yan, liang Xian, Peng Qian also introduce freshman students to detail respectively all kinds of teaching scheme, course selection guide, the information such as student status registration, encouraged the students to keep their feet on the ground, the spirit of hard study, independent study, seriously study and solid professional foundation.

Lu Xinxin, deputy director of the Alumni Work Office, introduced the basic information, organizational structure, work team and work system of the alumni Association to the students, and invited the students to join the big family of volunteers of the alumni Association to make suggestions and contribute to the cohesion, service and assistance of the alumni.

Li Yuanyuan, Assistant dean of the Law School and Director of the External Affairs Office, and Yao Yueming, teacher of the External Affairs Office, introduced the international cooperation and colorful international exchange programs of the Law School to students, encouraging students to expand their international vision and comprehensively improve their academic quality and practical ability under the background of the globalization of the rule of law.

Shi Shi, Assistant Dean of Law school, Youth League Committee Secretary, Director of Student Affairs Office, introduce to classmates meticulous scholarship, international exchange, regulatory affairs, party construction of students' affairs, such as encouraging students to participate in the school of rich learning activities, to the party organization actively, having the courage to try, and explore actively. To practice exercise ability in the second classroom and harvest. He wishes every student a pleasant and meaningful college life in Yanyuan.

Director of Law school employment guidance office Fu Chengyu and Vice director Shi Moran explain the key role of the employment guidance office, introduced the law accurate, efficient and comprehensive system of employment services and guidance. They hope the students actively focus on information, completes the career planning, and find a suitable career path, blend in personal growth process of national construction and age.

The successful holding of the training seminar laid a good foundation for the new students to get familiar with the Yanyuan as soon as possible and plan their studies reasonably. The new students of the Law School will certainly open a new life in Yanyuan with high spirit, constantly explore new knowledge, surpass themselves, and grow into Peking University law students with ideals, abilities and responsibilities.

Translated by: Zhu Yichun

Edited by: Zhu Yichun