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Law School Holds the First Lesson for Freshmen

On the afternoon of September 2, Peking University Law School's first lesson was held successfully in (Leo) Koguan Building. Guo Li, Party Secretary of PKULS, taught a special topic class of the Communist Party of China to 138 freshmen of Grade 2021. Shi Shi, Assistant Dean of PKULS and Director of the Student Affairs Office, presided over the event.   


Professor Guo Li gave a lecture on the theme of "From the Extraordinary Years to the New Era --- Peking University's lawyer in the Centennial History of the Communist Party of China ". He led the students to review the glorious history of PKULS over the past years, narrated the glorious story of the Peking University's lawyer of devoting themselves to the new democratic revolution, socialist revolution, socialist construction and reform and opening up since modern times. He also guided the students to study the precious spirit of selfless dedication and dedicated service to the country of Hu Guoyun, the "National Model Judge", Zou Bihua, the "Pioneer of Reform" and other alumni. He called on the students to stand at the new historical meeting point, adhere to original mission and strive to become new people who are able to take on the important task of national rejuvenation.

Prof. Guo li

Next, three student representatives introduced the basic requirements of becoming a student Party member, and shared their gains and insights in the process of becoming the member of the Communist Party of China. Zhang Dongxiao, a 2014 undergraduate and 2020 Postgraduate, mainly talked about his unforgettable experience of participating in the 70th anniversary of the National Day and the grand ceremony celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the CPC as a member of the Law School; Sun Shengbin, a 2019 Postgraduate, focused on the wonderful activities organized by the student Party branch of PKULS; and Ye Shan, a 2016 undergraduate, shared his journey from a freshman to a probationary Party member.  


Zhang dongxiao


Sun shengbin


Ye shan


After the teaching and sharing, the freshmen warmly exchanged the contents of the class and carried out an in-depth discussion on the Party history, and said that they would continue to study the glorious history of the CPC, be positive and ambitious in the journey of the university.


As an important part of the series of activities for freshmen of Grade 2021, this course is dedicated to helping the freshmen further study the history of the CPC, the history of the country, the history of the Peking University and the history of the PKULS, so as to continue to inherit the red genes and glorious traditions of Peking University. Coinciding with the 100th anniversary of the founding of the CPC, the new generation of Peking University's lawyer will not forget their original intention, bear in mind the mission and forge ahead in the new era of struggle!

Translated by: Zhang Yating

Edited by: Zhang Dayuan