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Professor Liu Zhewei Was Elected as a Young Excellent Teacher of Beijing Higher Education Institutions

The election of the 17th Peking University Excellent Teacher Award and the 5th Peking University Young Excellent Teacher Award has recently finished. Professor Liu Zhewei from PKULS was elected as a young excellent teacher of Beijing higher education institutions.

The Excellent Teacher Award and the Young Excellent Teacher Award are to commend teachers who have high academic attainments and long-term teaching work of basic courses, high teaching level, and good teaching effects, so as to encourage professors to teach attentively. PKULS has a total of 5 Beijing Excellent Teachers and young Excellent Teachers until now. 

In recent years, PKULS has always regarded law education and personnel training as the core of the work of the whole school, encouraging teachers to take the initiative to undertake basic course teaching tasks, strive to explore the laws of education and teaching, and adhere to the combination of theoretical teaching and practical teaching, practical ability training and innovation Combining ability training, focusing on cultivating all kinds of high-level application-oriented compound rule-of-law talents.

Profile of Liu Zhewei

Liu Zhewei, Associate Professor and Assistant Dean of PKULS, Doctoral Supervisor. He has been teaching at PKULS since 2012, and is now mainly engaged in research in the direction of civil procedure law. He is now the editor of Chinese and Foreign Law, Arbitrator of Shenzhen International Arbitration Court. He presided over 6 scientific research projects at or above the provincial and ministerial level including the National Social Science Foundation, and published more than 30 papers in Chinese and English, participated in the compilation of 4 textbooks, and published 3 translations.

Main courses: (1) Elementary Lectures: Civil Procedural Law , Civil Evidence Law; (2) Advanced Seminars: Special Topics on Civil Procedure Law , Dispute Resolution; (3) Case Study Classes:  Civil Law Case Study , Civil Litigation Case Study.


Translated by: Tu Chenghao

Edited by: Zhang Dayuan