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Law School Welcomes the Class of 2021 Undergraduates

On September 1, the Law School welcomed the Class of 2021 undergraduates. Under the overall deployment of the school, the Law School carried out the work of welcoming the undergraduates of the Class of 2021 in an orderly manner.



At 5: 30 in the morning, the teachers and students of the Law School arrived at Qiu Deba Gymnasium early to arrange the reception station, fully prepared, with the most enthusiasm looking forward to the arrival of the Class of 2021 undergraduates.

In order to help the freshmen complete the registration formalities and reduce the waiting time, the Law School arranged the registration process and household registration instructions at the scene, so that the students can browse and view. The Law School had also carefully compiled and printed the Peking University Law School Admission Handbook for Freshmen of the Class of 2021, so that the students can understand the series of freshman education activities and schedules, and better adapt to life in Yanyuan. At the scene, the teachers carefully checked the nucleic acid test certificate, admission notice, ID card and other documents, distributed freshmen information bags, campus cards, dormitory keys, souvenirs and other materials, and patiently guided the freshmen to complete the registration formalities. Volunteers warmly received the freshmen, provided registration guidance, luggage handling, consultation and other services, so that each freshman can fully felt the warmth of the Law School family.



Law School had also carefully prepared a circle of friends photo board, a hand-held sign with the characteristics of the Law School and to celebrate the centenary of the founding of the Party, and arranged for volunteers with photographic skills to take a photo with the Law School mascot, "Haechi", to freeze the moment when the new young lawyers and Peking University Law School first met.



Peking University Party Secretary Qiu Shuiping, President Hao Ping and other school leaders came to the scene to learn more about the development of the work, cordially greeted the new students who came to report for duty, and fully affirmed and cared for the work of the staff and volunteers, which made the staff and volunteers at the scene encouraged and full of drive.



At 6: 30 p.m., the meeting of class teachers for Class of 2021 was held in Conference Room 303 of Koguan Building. Vice Party Secretary Lu Jiangnan, Assistant Dean, Director of the Student Affairs Office Shi Shi, full-time counselors Zhang Jianing, Zhang Runzhi, Chen Shuyu, and class teachers for Class of 2021 Chen Ruoying, Peng Chun, Wang Huawei, Li Chaofu, and the second class teachers Yang Yiqia and Li Yue attended the meeting.



After the meeting, the teachers went to the dormitory to meet and exchange views with the freshmen, answer questions, and introduce the freshmen's enrollment schedule to the students, urge the students to abide by the relevant epidemic prevention management requirements of the school, plan their study and life reasonably, integrate into Yanyuan as soon as possible, and ask the college for help in time when encountering problems.



In early autumn, freshmen of Class of 2021 from all over the world gathered in Yanyuan, injecting new blood into the Law School, bringing new vitality. The new life of Yanyuan has begun, and entering Peking University Law School is a new starting point for every freshman on the way to growth. Wishing every freshman of Class of 2021 remember their original mission in Yanyuan, cultivate excellent skills, strive to grow into a new generation worthy of the great task of national rejuvenation, and contribute to the great cause of governing the country according to law and the new journey of building a modern socialist country in an all-round way.


Translated by: Renee

Edited by: Ma Yue