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Law School Welcomed the Postgraduate Freshmen

On September 6, Peking University Law School welcomed the vibrant and ambitious postgraduate freshmen of the Class of 2021.

At 6 a.m., the orientation volunteers had arrived at the Moot Court and the Lecturer Hall early, and arrived at their respective posts, waiting for the arrival of the freshmen of the Class of 2021 with full preparation and enthusiasm.



In order to ensure that the new students' registration work would be carried out in an orderly and fast manner, Law School set up channels according to the categories of students, effectively improving the work efficiency. At the scene, the new students' registration process, household registration instructions and other publicity materials were played in a loop, providing convenience for the new students to register smoothly. The teachers carefully checked the nucleic acid test certificate, ID card, admission notice, degree certificate and other documents, patiently and carefully checked the registration information, and distributed the Peking University Law School Class of 2021 Enrollment Manual, campus card, information bag and other materials to the new students. Volunteers warmly welcomed the new students, introduced the registration process, and provided services such as Q&A, order maintenance and luggage storage, so that the new students could feel the care and warmth from the law school family. The warm and efficient service of the orientation volunteers was well received by the students.





The orientation campaign received great attention and strong support from leaders at all levels of Law School. Pan Jianfeng, Dean of Law School, came to the Koguan Building to visit the new students, learned about the development of the orientation campaign, and expressed his concern and condolences to the teachers and students. Lu Jiangnan, Deputy Secretary of Law School, accompanied and introduced the orientation campaign.



At 6 p.m., the orientation campaign conference was held in Conference Room 303. Lu Jiangnan, Deputy Secretary of Law School, Shi Shi, Assistant Dean, Zhang Runzhi, Liu Wuming, Chen Shuyu attended the meeting. After the meeting, the teachers went to Wan Liu and other students' apartments to visit the new students. The teachers met with the new students, answered questions, introduced a series of freshmen entrance education activities, reminded the students to pay attention to the matters needing attention at the beginning of school, pay attention to the trends of the epidemic, maintain healthy living habits, arrange their study and life reasonably, and instructed the students to contact the school as soon as possible when encountering difficulties. The teachers' visit laid a good foundation for the students to adapt to life in Peking University as soon as possible.




The arrival of the freshmen has injected new vitality into the School of Law. In the days to come, we believe that every new student will be able to stand at a new starting point, never forget the original intention, be down-to-earth, set great ambitions, be a great talent, undertake great responsibilities, and contribute to the construction of the rule of law in China!

Translated by: Li Yixiao

Edited by: Wang Yibo