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PKULS Holds Commemorative Medal Awarding Ceremony of "50 Years of Glory in the Party" and Forum of Retired Teachers

On June 23, 2021, the Law School’s "50 Years of Glory in the Party" Commemorative Medal Award Ceremony and a Forum for retired faculties was grandly held in Conference Room 307, Koguan Building. Representatives of retired party members who were awarded the medals, Dean Pan Jianfeng, Party Secretary Guo Li, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee Piao Wendan, Assistant Dean and Director of the Administrative Office Nian Yijia, as well as representatives of young faculty members and student representatives of the Schol attended the ceremony. The ceremony was hosted by Ms. Piao Wendan.



At the beginning of the ceremony, Mr. Guo Li expressed his warm congratulations and sincere greetings to all the old comrades. He reviewed his study and work experience in PKULS, and spoke highly of the great spirit of the elders' dedication to the construction of the Law School and their inspiration to himself. He introduced the background of the commemorative medal issued by the Party Central Committee, read out the list of 22 old party members who won the commemorative medal from the Law School, and expressed his heartfelt thanks to the hard work and great contributions of the senior teachers for decades.




Mr. Pan Jianfeng and Mr. Guo Li presented medals with congratulatory letters from the Peking University Party Committee to the old comrades, and Ms. Piao Wendan presented flowers to congratulate the old comrades. The retired comrades were full of energy with the medals shining brightly, and there were waves of applause on the scene, expressing the high respect for the old comrades.

In the discussion session, Mr. Pan Jianfeng reported to the retired teachers about the development of PKULS in recent years, including the development of the talent cultivation, the development of disciplines, and the challenges and responses to the development of the school under the epidemic. He said that PKULS's achievements today cannot be separated from the solid foundation laid by the retired comrades, and it is inseparable from the support and guidance given by the retired comrades all the time.




Ms. Piao Wendan introduced the general situation and specific measures of the school’s party history education to the retired teachers. She pointed out that the Law School is currently studying and implementing Xi Jinping Thoughts on Rule of Law and focusing on party history learning and education.

The retired teachers attending the meeting expressed their gratitude to the party, affirmation of the work of School, and expectation for the development of disciplines and the construction of School. They are proud to participate in the construction of New China, reform and opening up, and to participate in China's legal education. The teachers proudly stated that although they have retired, they are still in the golden age of their lives, and encouraged young comrades to continue to work hard and continue to contribute to China's legal education.




Finally, Mr. Guo Li expressed his high respect to the old party members again on behalf of the School’s party committee and all teachers and students, praising them as a vivid case of the Law School’s party history study and education. A group photo in front of the Koguan Building marked a successful conclusion to the ceremony.

Translated by: Tu Chenghao

Edited by: Zhang Dayuan