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Workshop " Problems Solved in Conversation " Held Successfully

On the evening of May 28, 2021, the workshop entitled "Problems Solved in Conversation" was successfully held at King & Wood Law Students Club. Zeng Haibo, Doctor of Applied Psychology, School of Economics and Management, Communication University of China, Distinguished Professor of East China Jiaotong University, was invited as the keynote speaker. Zhang Runzhi, a full-time counselor of the Law School, and more than ten students participated in the event.

This workshop focused on the topic of career planning. First of all, Teacher Zeng asked the students to write down their ideal ten careers, step by step to guide the students to think deeply about the reasons why they yearn for these careers. In this process, the students not only sorted out their desired careers and characteristics, but also had the opportunity to further think about the life they really want behind their ideal careers. At the same time, the teacher gradually clarified how they should make changes in little things, improve themselves in practical action, and gradually approach their career goals.



Subsequently, Teacher Zeng invited the two students to have a one-on-one cooperative dialogue. For the students' confusion and thinking, Teacher Zeng threw out one question after another. Through reflection and response to Teacher Zeng's questions, the confusion of the two students was resolved, and the understanding of self became clearer and deeper. In addition to the parties to obtain rich enlightenment, the other students present established a path of inward self-exploration in the process of carefully listening to the dialogue.

Finally, Teacher Zeng shared with the students the insights of the activity. Teacher Zeng concluded that livelihood, life, living are three different levels of things. Many people suffered because they try to use the things of livelihood to achieve the perfection of life. On top of career planning, Teacher Zeng also encouraged the students to think and discover the uniqueness of their own lives. Subsequently, the students also actively shared their experiences and gains.



This activity focused on the students' concern about career planning and involved all kinds of puzzles in their study and life. Through cooperative dialogue, we helped the students to expand the depth and breadth of thinking, improved the flexibility of thinking, stimulated the students' inherent initiative and creativity, so that the problems would gradually disappear in the exchange.

Translated by: Rao Yiwen

Edited by: Li Yixiao