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2021 Peking University Law School Charity Cloud Course successfully concluded

With the end of the live course of Professor He Qisheng on the evening of June 5, 2021, the "2021 Peking University Law School Charity Cloud Course" came to a successful end. Since the launch of the Charity Cloud Course on April 24, 4 live lectures have been held. In the meantime, four professors from Peking University Law School, named as Pan Jianfeng, Xue Jun, Wang Xixin, and He Qisheng, successively discussed the "Convergence and Coordination of the Civil Procedure Law and the Civil Code", "Judicial Interpretation after the Civil Code: How to Support the Civil Code", "Exploring the public rationality of personal information protection and data governance", "Long Arm Jurisdiction and U.S. Economic Sanctions" four hot topics of the rule of law were sorted out and explained in a simple way, and received extensive attention and strong affirmation from audiences from all walks of life. The volume reaches more than 50,000 passengers.

In the four courses with their own characteristics and rich content, Professor Pan Jianfeng took the latest "Civil Code" as the core and sorted out the application and connection of the "Civil Code" and "Civil Procedure Law" in multiple modules. And gave his own ideas for resolving the tension in it. Professor Xue Jun specifically focused on the relevant judicial interpretations of the Civil Code, expounding the content relationship between the Civil Code and its judicial interpretations and the applicable ideas in practice from a practical level. Professor Wang Xixin focused on the current hot issues of personal information protection, and used a publicly rational analysis framework to reveal the institutional problems and potential data regulation paths for personal information protection. Based on international hot topics, Professor He Qisheng analyzed the controversial behavior of the United States in the international context and China's response ideas from the perspective of economics and the rule of law.



In the future, Peking University Law School will continue to develop and improve a series of charity cloud course, focusing on the hot spots of the rule of law, discussing the future of legal business, sharing high-quality legal education resources with the whole society, and building a future Chinese legal community!



Translated by: Lv Zirui

Edited by: Ma Yue