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The Second Advanced Seminar On Personal Information Protection and Data Compliance of Peking University Successfully Concluded

On the afternoon of June 23, 2021, the graduation ceremony of the Second Advanced Seminar on Personal Information Protection and Data Compliance of Peking University was successfully held in B102, Koguan Building, Law School. Lu Jiangnan, Vice Party Secretary, and Wang Xizi, Executive Dean of the Law and Development Academy, attended the ceremony, which was presided over by Jia Weiwei, Deputy Director of the Domestic Cooperation Office.



First of all, a commemorative video of the seminar was played. All the students reviewed the unforgettable 5 days of study. The atmosphere was relaxed and happy, and bursts of applause rang out from time to time.

Then, Lawyer Jiang Ying, Partner of Zhejiang Zeda Law Firm, and Luo Liuhu, Data Protection Officer and Legal Manager of Beijing Kingsoft Cloud Network technology Co., Ltd., gave speeches as representatives of the students. Lawyer Jiang Ying mentioned that she was grateful to Peking University Law School for setting up a learning and exchange platform for her legal colleagues. The beautiful days were very short, and it was a great honor to have gained a lot from this seminar. Graduation does not mean the end. As a group of people who are most sensitive to new technologies and new developments, students should continue to communicate and work together to build a China ruled by law with a common vision and efforts. In his speech, Mr. Luo Liuhu mentioned three "thanks": thanks to the teachers for the feast of knowledge, which helped to improve their theoretical level and practical skills; thanks to the students for their generous sharing, which gained experience and strength from outstanding people; and thanks to Peking University Law School for its warm service, which accompanied everyone to grow up.




Wang Xizi, Executive Dean of Law and Development Academy of Peking University, made a graduation speech. He said that the second Advanced Seminar on Personal Information Protection and Data Compliance was a great success. He thanked not only the students for their support and trust, but also the teachers for their wonderful explanations, and the logistics team for their careful service. He encouraged the students to stand at a new starting line, and hoped that all the students would continue to "run" in their own posts and contribute to the development of the rule of law in the country.



Finally, Lu Jiangnan, Vice Party Secretary of Peking University Law School, made a graduation speech. He pointed out that as a legal person, we should always pay attention to the most cutting-edge application issues, not only including industry and the application of law, but also have a sense of responsibility and innovation. Every student was a member of the family of Peking University Law School since their graduation, and should be determined to work together to make due contributions to the development of the country's rule of law and the all-round progress of the society. Meanwhile, he hoped that Peking University Law School would empower the industry, the society, and the national development by its teaching, scientific research, international exchange, and social services, which was the aspiration of Peking University Law School.



Looking back on the courses in the past 5 days, the courses covered legislative practice, public law paths, and civil law regulations. The courses ranged from public law to private law, from sociology to law, from theory to practice, and from research to industry. The courses taught the students the most cutting-edge theories and practical experiences in the field of personal information protection and data compliance. In order to provide an opportunity for the students to observe and experience the operation of personal information protection and data compliance closely, the students were also sent to visit a benchmarking company in the Internet industry — Tencent. Through on-the-spot study and listening to the explanations given by senior experts of Tencent Research Institute, the students had a better understanding of the whole process of data flow in Internet companies, as well as the advanced technical and legal measures adopted by companies to protect personal information and privacy.

Peking University Law School has always adhered to the academic attitude of "Seeking truth from past to present, no matter whether it was foreign", and is committed to creating generations with confident and future-oriented high-end legal talents. Combining traditional jurisprudence with the emerging issues of personal information and data compliance, this seminar provides a multifaceted and comprehensive academic feast. With the goal of comprehensively deepening reform and governing the country according to law, legal practitioners will look forward to the future of law with information and digital transformation.

Translated by: Li Yixiao

Edited by: Wang Yibo