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The Opening Ceremony of the Second Advanced Seminar on Personal Information Protection and Data Compliance of Peking University was held successfully

In order to explore and analyze personal information protection in the big data era, improve corporate data security and compliance, and explore the ways to further optimize and improve relevant laws, regulations and systems, the Second Advanced Seminar on Personal Information Protection and Data Compliance was held at Peking University Law School from June 19 to 23, 2021. At 8: 20 am on June 19, 2021, the opening ceremony was held at B102, Koguan Building. Yang Xiaolei, Vice Dean of Peking University Law School, Wang Xixin, Prof. of Law School and Executive Dean of the Institute of Law of Peking University, and Peng Chun, Assistant Dean of Law School was present at the opening ceremony. The opening ceremony was presided over by Du Xuejiao, Director of the Domestic Cooperation Office of the Law School. 



First, Prof. Wang Xixin delivered an opening speech on behalf of the teachers. He extended a warm welcome to all the students and looked forward to discussing cutting-edge issues of personal information protection and data compliance with the students at Peking University. He briefly introduced the current situation of laws, regulations and policies in the field of data governance in China, and raised several difficult problems in the field of data governance, including data ownership and new challenges and new thoughts on personal information and privacy protection brought about by government data sharing and opening. He stressed that in the global pattern of data governance, we need to find the road of China. We look forward to the students fully interacting and learning from each other in this seminar to explore the direction and answer of the road of China. 



Next, Jiang Hua, Director of IT Governance of BMW Brilliance, and Xu Baofeng, Deputy Director of Guizhou Qianli Law Firm, gave speeches as representatives of the students. They shared their new achievements in data governance from different professional perspectives. The laws and regulations that have been implemented and will be promulgated in the field of data governance make everyone both look forward to and nervous. They called on everyone to cherish this rare training opportunity, to think hard, to ask more questions, to communicate widely, to update their knowledge reserves, to enhance their professional qualities, and to provide better legal services for enterprises and clients. 



Yang Xiaolei, Deputy Dean of Law School, pointed out in his speech that personal information protection and data compliance are very important research topics, and the relevant legislation is also being promoted and improved. The purpose of this seminar is to enable the participants to quickly understand the various voices in data governance and to deeply comprehend the background and rationale of national data legislation, so as to strive to be the pioneers and leaders in the data governance field and to drive the healthy development of the data governance field of China through analysis of the difficulties and hotspots on data governance by experts from various fields of politics, application, industry, education and research. He emphasized that Peking University is always new, inclusive and full of youth and vitality. He hoped that all the students will learn from Peking University, understand Peking University and savor Peking University. 



Du Xuejiao, Director of Domestic Cooperation Office of Law School, made the final concluding remarks. She quoted Mr. Li Dazhao in The Age of Awakening as encouragement, saying, "The golden age is not behind us, but in front of us; not in the past, but in the future. We wish all the students stand tall and achieve their dreams in the tide of the times, achieve successes in their studies, gain achievements in their actions, and realize the transformation from being great to being excellent. 



The curriculum plan of this seminar covers five dimensions of politics, use, industry, academy, and research. Senior scholars and practice experts including Cheng Xiao, Fang Yu, Qiu Zeqi, Wang Xixin, Wang Xinrui, Wei Li, Zhang Ping, Zhang Xinbao and Zhou Hanhua were invited to give lectures and conduct field visits. The courses cover hot topics such as the legislation and practice of personal information protection in China, access to public law and systematization of personal information protection, civil law protection of personal information rights and interests, and supervision and management of online transactions.

With the rapid development of the information age and digital economy, the value of information and data has become prominent, digital reform and social governance face new challenges, and legal talents in the fields of personal information protection and data compliance have become an urgent need. Cultivating talent and creating scholars is the foundation of a country. Based on the trends of the times, Peking University Law School will give play to its own academic advantages and actively hold the advanced seminar on personal information protection and data compliance. We hope that the students will quickly master the latest theoretical achievements in the field of personal information protection, grasp the trends of the industry, overcome the difficulties in practice, enhance the awareness and professional skills of data compliance, promote the flow and transformation of knowledge to the industry, and lay a solid legal foundation for the healthy development of the national personal information protection and data compliance industry. Information technology brings unlimited possibilities, digitally empowering legal talents, and opening a new chapter of personal information protection and data compliance in the future! 



Translated by: Zhu Qing

Edited by: Wang Yibo