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President Hao Ping and his delegation came to the Peking University Law School

On the morning of June 21, 2021, President Hao Ping and his delegation came to PKULS to have a discussion with the leadership and teachers' representatives of the PKULS. Executive Vice President, Provost Gong Qihuang, Vice President Wang Bo, Assistant President, Secretary-General, Director of the School’s Office Sun Qingwei attended the discussion. Minister of Continuing Education Liu Liping, Vice President of the Graduate School Wang Tianbing, Vice Minister of HR Department Yu Qu and other representatives of some functional departments attended the discussion.





First of all, Dean of PKULS Pan Jianfeng delivered an overall introduction of PKULS, including talents cultivation, the development of young teachers, the development of professional master's programs, etc.





Guo Li, Party Secretary of PKULS, reported on a series of important measures taken by the PKULS in teaching, scientific research, personnel training and cooperation based on the concerns of teachers and students, combining the study and education of Party history with the in-depth study and implementation of Xi Jinping's thought on the rule of law.  





Subsequently, the School leaders and personnel in charge of functional departments and the teachers of PKULS engaged in deeply discussions, such as the disciplinary construction, the evaluation and incentive system of young teachers, and the development prospects of the master's program of law specialty.











In his concluding speech, President Hao Ping affirmed the achievements made by PKULS and its contribution to the School in recent years. He expressed that the School would continue to vigorously support the development of the legal discipline, care for and cherish young teachers, constantly improve the talent evaluation and incentive system, and do practical things for teachers and students wholeheartedly to solve their problems. He also hoped that PKULS would continue to cooperate with the comprehensive reform of the School, integrate the study and education achievements of the Party history into teaching, scientific research, administration and other tasks, and make active contribution to the cultivation of national rule of law talents.





Translated by: Zhang Yating

Edited by: Zhang Dayuan