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The opening ceremony of 2021 "Frontiers of Comparative Civil Procedure Law" Summer School and the Seminar on Methods of Comparative Civil Procedure Law held successfully

On the afternoon and evening of July 12, 2021, sponsored by the graduate school and School of law of Peking University, and co-organized by the Civil Procedure Law Research Society of China Law Society and the international procedural law society, the 2021 "frontier of Comparative Civil Procedure Law" (phase II) Graduate Summer School opening ceremony and seminar on Comparative Civil Procedure Law methods were successfully held in room 307, (Leo) Koguan Building, Peking University. This event also received special support from Guande Law and PKU Fabao.



The summer school enrolled 80 students from dozens of universities, including 13 young scholars, 27 doctoral students (including new students who are waiting for admission), 36 graduate students (including new students for master's degree), and 4 undergraduates. This summer school will take "Types of Civil Judgments and Basic Effectiveness" as the theme, invite well-known civil procedural law professors at home and abroad to give in-depth explanations and exchanges on related research fields, and arrange a seminar on comparative civil procedural law methods. (Including two units in Chinese and English), 7 lectures (5 Chinese courses, 2 English courses) and 1 student forum.

[Opening Speech]

The opening speech session was hosted by A.P. Liu Zhewei, Assistant Dean of Peking University Law School.

First of all, the person in charge of this summer school and seminar, Professor Fu Yulin of Peking University Law School, delivered a speech on behalf of Professor Pan Jianfeng, Dean of Law School. She said that the summer school is aimed at young students who are interested in academic research, and aims to provide high-quality academic resources and teaching resources without reservation, try to show the charm of civil procedure law research. Finally, Professor Fu Yulin expressed his sincere thanks to all the experts and scholars for coming, and warmly welcome all online students to participate in this summer school.





After that,Zhang Weiping, President of Civil Procedure Law of the China Law Society;Jiang Qiang, a partner of Guande Law;Tang Li, Vice President of Southwest University of Political Science and Law also gave a speech.

[Seminar on Comparative Civil Procedure Law methods: Chinese unit]

After the short tea break, the Chinese unit of the seminar on methods of Comparative Civil Procedure Law with the theme of "Types and Effectiveness basis of Chinese civil judgments from a comparative perspective" officially began.

The first part is the keynote speech, presided over by Professor Fu Yulin. Professor Xiao Jianguo of Renmin University of China, Professor Lin Jianfeng of Central University of Finance and economics and Professor Huo Haihong of Zhejiang University made keynote speeches. After the keynote speech, ten participants had an in-depth discussion.



[Seminar on Comparative Civil Procedure Law: English Unit]

The theme of the evening seminar was "Functions and Methods of Comparative Research on Civil Procedure Law-Taking the Comparative Perspective of Judgment Form and Effectiveness as an Example", which was conducted in a combined online and offline manner.

Professor C.H van Rhee, Professor Alan Uzelac, Professor Margaret Woo, Professor Elisabetta Silvestri, Dr. John Sorabji and Professor Antonio Cabral all gave a speech. Associate Professor Liu Zhewei expressed his gratitude to the foreign professors who participated in this unit, and made a brief comment. Finally, the online students actively asked questions, and the professors answered meticulously. At eleven o'clock in the evening Beijing time, the English section of this meeting ended successfully.



In the seven-hour seminar, Chinese and foreign civil procedure law experts conducted in-depth discussions, and the trainees also actively participated in thinking and interaction, which fully demonstrated the charm of civil procedure law and comparative civil procedure research. So far, this event has ended successfully.

Translated by: Yang Lu

Edited by: Zhu Yichun