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Successful Opening Ceremony of the Advanced Seminar on Criminal Defense of Tax-related and Intellectual Property-related Cases of Peking University

At 8: 00 AM on May 22, 2021, the opening ceremony of the Advanced Seminar on Criminal Defense of Tax-related and Intellectual Property-related Cases of Peking University was successfully held at Liaoning Hall at Liaoning Building. Pan Jianfeng, Dean of PKULS, Yang Xiaolei, Vice Dean of PKULS, and Chen Ruihua, chairman of the Academic Committee, attended this activity. The opening ceremony was presided over by Du Xuejiao, director of the Office for Domestic Cooperation. More than 300 criminal defense lawyers from all over the country participated in the seminar.



The seminar, sponsored by PKULS, aims to enhance criminal defense lawyers' understanding and discrimination of tax-related and intellectual property-related crimes in the new era and under the new situation, to help relevant practitioners understand national laws and policies, to enhance their skills and thinking in handling cases, and to create a high level of access and exchange platform for criminal defense lawyers.



The opening ceremony opened with warm applause and warm expectations from the members. First, Professor Chen Ruihua, chairman of the Academic Committee of PKULS, delivered a speech.

Professor Chen Ruihua introduced the curriculum system and faculty arrangement of the seminar. He reviewed the themes of the past six sessions of the Criminal Debate Class of PKU, pointing out that the Criminal Debate Class of PKU has always centered on the high-end business of criminal defense and positioning the difficult problem of legal frontier. The theme selection is also of great significance. Tax-related and intellectual property-related cases have become the most challenging topic in criminal defense today. In this class in which he learns from famous teachers and experts, feels the academic atmosphere of Peking University, and makes new friends, he hopes that the members will enjoy academic feast, improve their theoretical literacy, and gain greater support and strength in criminal defense.



The Criminal Debate Class of PKU has become a grand gathering of Chinese criminal defense lawyers. The long-term support of old students and the active participation of new students have kept the Criminal Debate Class of PKU alive. Mr. Huang Qixin, senior partner of Beijing Zhong Yin (Zhuhai) Law Firm, on behalf of old students, and Ms. Yuan Fang, Beijing Zhong Lun (Shanghai) Law Firm, on behalf of new students, respectively delivered a speech at the opening ceremony.

Lawyer Huang Qixin, who describes himself as a student of "20% old, 80% new", humorously shared the course content, registration skills and insights of the class. He said that behind the gathering of masters of the Criminal Debate Class are countless lovely souls, the ability and connection between the students, so that he got rid of the loneliness on the way.



Ms. Yuan Fang said that the Criminal Debate is the soul of litigation, and that litigation lawyers must learn the thinking of criminal defence lawyers. She was overwhelmed by the chivalrous spirit of criminal defence lawyers, exclaimed that only the Criminal Debate Class of PKU could still grow young. She especially thanked the organizers for their careful planning and wished all to gain knowledge and friendship.



Finally, Professor Pan Jianfeng, Dean of PKULS, delivered a welcome speech. Dean Pan Jianfeng reiterated the basic concept of PKULS of cultivating excellent people under the rule of law, based on the development of the rule of law in serving the country and society, and advocated doing meaningful things well in action. Peking University Law School, with an attitude of being responsible for the country, society and the people, helped to build a community of criminal defence lawyers, and made unremitting efforts to improve the legal environment of criminal defence in China. He called on law school teachers and students to make joint efforts to contribute to the rule of law in China. Finally, Dean Pan wished the Criminal Debate Class a success and wished the students a great deal of success and happiness.



Tax-related and intellectual property-related cases are highly specialized, and the types and forms of crimes tend to be diversified, concealed and complicated. The seminar focused on the themes of "Components of the Crime of Falsely Issuing Special Value-added Tax Invoices and its Judicial Determination", "Theoretical and Practical Issues in Determination of Criminal IP Cases", "Boundary between Administrative Violations and Crimes in Tax-related Cases", and "Application of Civil, Administrative and Criminal Remedies and Conflict Resolution in Intellectual Property Infringement". The seminar featured well-known scholars such as Chen Ruihua, Chen Xingliang, Wang Xin, Zhang Ping, Liang Genlin, Liu Jianwen and Shi Yan'an, who analyzed difficult issues and laid a good theoretical foundation. At the same time, it invited senior practical experts such as Wu Wei and Li Yong as well as renowned lawyers to analyze trial ideas, interpret trial guidelines and share practical experience around the key points in determination of these two types of crimes. In addition, the course also set up a "criminal defense night speech" link. Li Yonghong, Liu Xin, Zhu Shuguang and other outstanding criminal defense lawyers shared the defense experience of the two types of cases, demonstrated the defense skills in person, and improved the defense ability.

On the opening night, PKULS held a grand welcome dinner. Yang Xiaolei, Vice Dean of PKULS, Dang Shuping, Director of the Alumni Office, Zhao Xiaohai, General Manager of Chinalawinfo. CO., Ltd, and other leaders and teachers attended the dinner and delivered speeches. At the dinner, the teachers and the students carried out exchanges with the deep friendship of the past time of criminal defense, talked about the bright future of the rule of law.



From corporate crime cases, new criminal defense services, financial crime cases, overlapping criminal and civil issues, corporate legal risks and criminal compliance services, cybercrime cases to the seventh session of criminal defense services involving tax and intellectual property rights, criminal defense teams, like the majority of criminal defense lawyers fighting in the frontline, have an indelible enthusiasm, a spark of justice, focusing on frontline hot spots, and responding to practical difficulties. Adhering to the original intention and belief in the rule of law, Peking University Law School has made full use of the rule of law think tanks, tried to establish a high-level and broadest platform for additional education development, and endeavored to provide lifelong learning opportunities for legal persons, so as to make lasting contributions to the rule of law and talent training development strategy in China. In the age of awakening, we advance with the times and do not slack!


Translated by: Jing Changheng

Edited by: Yin Ziyou