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2021 “Peking University Law School Marathon” – Flower Painting Beijing, Happy Running Daxing -- Half Marathon Race Completed Successfully


May 9, the 2021 “Flower Painting Beijing, Happy Running Daxing” half marathon in Daxing Weishanzhuang town started. The run became a vibrant all-Beijing healthy running activity under the normal epidemic period, attracting unprecedented hot eyes. Among them, the Peking University Law School Marathon delegation, which is composed of Peking University lawyers, has undoubtedly become one of the most dazzling scenery during the race.



On May 4, all the people of Peking University had a celebration of the university. As expected, Law School Marathon of Peking University was selected as one of the celebration activities for the 123rd anniversary of Peking University with a brilliant run of youth. At the meantime, this year is also the 117th anniversary of the law school. The Law School Marathon group also intends to give the college this beautiful vision of the lingering flowers along the race, and make a big gift with “flowers”. Here, all Law School Marathon runner want to wish a deep blessing: “Peking University, mother school, Happy Birthday.”

The event, with a high positioning and with technical certification by the Chinese Athletic Association, is hosted by the Government of the People’s Republic of China of Daxing District, Beijing. Four events, namely the half marathon, the 10km health run, the 5km fun run and the parent-child run, have been set up. The scale of the event has reached 5,000 participants. The PKU Law School Marathon delegation took an active part in the various competitions and made proud achievements.

One of the contestants, Lilong alumni, won applause and welcome cheers in the half-way race with a net result of 1:30:44. Other brothers and sisters also clenched their teeth during the long and arduous run, representing the marathon spirit with dripping sweat and conveying the belief that Peking University people have always cherished -- to fight bravely and unremittingly. We firmly believe that Law School Marathon athletes have such a resolute verve and will be able to succeed in the end.



Among the crowded appeared an elderly runner with white hair, thin but strong. His carried rings however feet as if on the wind. He is an 83-year-old relative of Peking University, a runner on the way to the marathon, and a badge in the race. He inspired every young man on the field with his unfailing pride. 



The competition is also a reflection of the new concept of sustainable development of green ecology and environmental tourism. PKU Law School Marathon has chosen to experience this mass sports event, which not only carries forward the spirit of the “Health Movement” of the times but also advocates the era theme of “Green Literary Brigade”. The competition is over but the spirit is still on. Let us savor the aftertaste of this great sports event and thank the Law School Marathon athletes for spreading their youth in this grand ceremony of the celebration of the university’s courtyard.  



Translated by Xu Mengyao

Edited by Xu Mengyao