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Law school holds special training on fire safety

In order to popularize the knowledge of fire safety, enhance the awareness of fire safety and further improve the management of fire safety in the college, on the afternoon of April 28th, the Law School held a special training on fire safety in the Lecturer Hall of (Leo) Koguan Building. Xie Pengfei, the fire prevention publicity and education training center of Haidian District, Beijing, served as the keynote teacher, and more than 50 comrades including safety management cadres of law schools, volunteer firefighters of various departments, teacher representatives and staff representatives of property companies attended the training. The training was conducted by Nian Yijia, Assistant Dean of Law School and Director of Administrative Office.



During the training, the shocking fire scenes fully demonstrated the ruthlessness and harm of fire, and made participants deeply realize the importance of mastering fire safety knowledge. Focusing on the types and characteristics of fire, the lecturer explained in detail the fire prevention, fire extinguishing methods at the early stage of fire and the skills of escape and self-rescue. Taking the hypothetical fire scene as an example, the lecturer interacted with the participants, analyzed the best escape choice in extreme fire situations, and taught practical skills of fire escape. He introduced the application situation and usage of various fire-fighting equipment in detail. Taking the fire caused by abnormal use of daily necessities such as water heaters and monitors as an example, he emphasized the importance of improving fire prevention awareness and taking protective measures. Finally, the lecturer called on the participants to publicize fire safety knowledge and firmly establish the fire safety concept of "hidden dangers are more dangerous than open flames, prevention is better than disaster relief, and responsibility is more important than Mount Tai".



Through this training, the participating faculty and staff have mastered the basic knowledge of fire safety, enhanced the awareness of fire safety, and improved the ability of firefighting and self-help and mutual aid. The awareness of fire prevention and responsibility of the fire safety management team of Law School has been further strengthened, which has played a positive role in promoting the implementation of fire safety work and building a safe campus in Peking University.


Translated by: Shan Baowei

Edited by: Shan Baowei