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"Practicing the initial mission and talking about poverty alleviation "——the Party Committee of the Law School commemorated the centennial activities of the founding of the Communist Party of China


On the afternoon of April 9th, the Centenary of the Founding of the CPC and the Talent Salon of PKULS were held successfully in the Lecturer Hall of (Leo) Koguan Building. Ye Zhengmeng, Secretary General of Xinhu Charity Foundation, was invited to share with teachers and students the process and experience of participating in the national strategy and poverty alleviation, and to introduce the importance and implementation path of "it is always better to teach a person who are hungry to fish than to give him some fish" in public welfare and philanthropy, and to provide experience and suggestions for students' career development and life choice. Pan Jianfeng, Dean of the Law School, Lu Jiangnan, Vice Party Secretary of Party Committee, Shi Shi, Assistant Dean and Secretary of Youth League Committee, Fu Chengyu, Director of the Career Development Office, and Shi Moran, Deputy Director of the Career Development Office, together with more than one hundred students attended the event. The event was hosted by Yang Jiaxuan, a Juris Master who was enrolled in 2020.

Before the event, Pan Jianfeng met with Secretary General Ye Zhengmeng and his delegation in Conference Room 305, (Leo) Koguan Building. Pan Jianfeng, on behalf of PKULS, extended a warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to Secretary General Ye Zhengmeng. Both sides held in-depth exchanges on the contribution and development of private enterprises and universities in poverty alleviation and rural revitalization. Dean Pan highly praised Xinhu Charity Foundation for its contribution to the national poverty alleviation.



At the beginning of the event, Lu Jiangnan, Vice Party Secretary of PKULS, delivered a speech to the event. He encouraged the students to grasp the opportunity of learning  Party history, to learn the history of reform and opening up and the history of poverty alleviation from the experience of Ye Zhengmeng, to realize the brilliant achievements of the Party in poverty alleviation, to think deeply about the difficulties and challenges of social governance at the grass-roots level, to devote themselves to their study and work with a strong sense of political responsibility and historical mission..




In the sharing session, Secretary General Ye Zhengmeng elaborated the great of China's poverty alleviation. At the same time, Secretary General Ye introduced the poverty alleviation idea and charity theory of Xinhu public welfare to all teachers and students, combining the touching stories of grassroots poverty alleviation, real and vivid on-the-spot cases and interesting poems and sentences, and stressed that it is necessary to avoid the indiscriminate use of negative relief methods such as giving alms. Secretary General Ye's wonderful sharing shows the vivid practice of precise poverty alleviation and precise poverty alleviation, and annotates the Communist Party members' original mission of pioneering innovation and overcoming hardships.




In the free Q&A session, Secretary General Ye Zhengmeng enthusiastically answered three questions about career planning, rural education revitalization and the development direction of private charitable funds. Combining with his own understanding, he encouraged students to achieve "consistency and the same goal". No matter what career path they choose in the future, they should not forget their initial intentions, have firm ideals and beliefs, take on more social responsibilities while realizing their self-worth, and devote themselves to the historical mission of seeking happiness for the Chinese people and rejuvenation for the nation, so that the Youth can devote in the places where Party and people need it most.




Starting from the great practice of poverty alleviation, this Talent Salon aims to help students to plan careers and broaden horizon of career choice, guide them to combine the battle of poverty alleviation with the study of Party history, perceive the great spirit of poverty alleviation from the exemplary deeds of advanced Party members, and further deepen their close ties between Party and People, so as to guide the faculty and students to firmly establish the "Four Confidences", cultivate patriotism, enhance their sense of social responsibility and integrate their personal ideals and future development into the cause of the Party and the State.




Translated by Wu Qiliang

Edited by Zhang Yating