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Leading students from PKULS went to the Lu Xun Museum conducting a visit on the theme of “studying the May 4th spirit and remembering the original mission”


In order to further study and carry out the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech at the Party History Education Mobilization Conference, guide the youth to inherit the spirit of the ancestors, and sharpen the will of a strong country, the Youth League Committee of the PKULS organized a group of key members of the Youth League to visit red landmarks. On April 10, the first group went to the Lu Xun Museum to hold a visit on the theme of “Studying the spirit of the 5·4 movement and keeping in mind the mission of the first New Culture Movement”. Li Wanyu, Deputy Secretary of the Youth League Committee attended the event.



The teacher and students first went to Lu Xun’s house. From May 1924 to August 1926, this house  was Mr. Lu Xun’s last residence in Beijing, where he wrote many famous works. The teacher and students listened carefully to learn about the life of Mr. Lu Xun, and looked closely at the simple but invaluable exhibits, as if they had seen Mr. Lu Xun’s criticism of the current situation with his pen, to find a new way to save the country.




Later, the study group members went to Lu Xun’s life museum to visit “the life of Lu Xun exhibition”. The exhibition gives a full picture of the immortal life of Mr. Lu Xun. Combining a large collection of objects, pictures and video materials in the museum, the teacher and students were able to appreciate Mr. Lu Xun’s great revolutionary deeds of fighting for the people and the nation despite difficulties and dangers. After seeing the logo designed by Mr. Lu Xun for Peking University, and learning about Mr. Lu Xun’s teaching experience at the university, teacher and students took pride in Mr. Lu Xun’s close ties with the university and became more deeply aware of the glorious tradition that Peking University has always gone with the Party and the country in the same direction.






In the end, the teacher and students came to the statue of Mr. Lu Xun, recalled the oath solemnly under the flag.




After all the visiting, the students were deeply moved. They all said that they would learn from Mr Lu Xun’s revolutionary spirit and feelings of their country, follow the example of the revolutionary ancestors, stick to their original mission, firm their ideals and beliefs, and inspire high morale, forge ahead in the new era and new journey.

Visiting the Lu Xun Museum is a journey of remembering our ancestors, learning about the history of the Party, remembering the national spirit and strengthening our original faith. The extraordinary years of the past, the hard exploration of the ancestors, gave birth to a strong and prosperous China today. The Youth League Committee of the Law School will continue to dig deep into the red ideological and political resources, carry out a series of activities on the study and education of the Party’s history, guide young people to inherit the spirit of the martyrs, carry forward the revolutionary tradition, pass on the red genes, and welcome the Party’s centennial birthday with practical actions.


Thoughts on the visit of the key members of the Youth League:

Yu Xuechun, 2019 undergraduate:

Before my visit to the Lu Xun Museum, my knowledge about Mr. Lu Xun was only at the level of the written words, and only at the general conceptualization of Mr. Lu Xun as a writer, thinker, revolutionary, and educator. But after the tour, I followed Mr. Lu Xun’s path of growth and saw him in a more three-dimensional way. From the old photos of Baicao Garden and Sanwei Bookstore as a teenager, to the notes as one young man studying medical knowledge, and to the manuscript of the articles with firm handwriting, I saw how a Chinese man, against the backdrop of his country’s collapse, step by step transitioned into a revolutionary fighter and a revolutionary pioneer. It made me understand that not all people are born heroes, but they are willing to shoulder the mission of their country with their own shoulders. On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party, as contemporary youth of Peking University, we should respond to the call of the spirit of our forefathers and contribute to the building, development and prosperity of our motherland and to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

Cui Zhihao, 2019 graduate:

Through visiting the Lu Xun Museum, I couldn’t help but marvel at Mr. Lu Xun’s extraordinary life. As a clear banner of the course of the New Democratic Revolution, Mr. Lu Xun spent his life seeking the best medicine to save the country and the people. He wrote all his life and always fought for the people and for the nation and for the truth. He actively promoted new ideas and had the courage to dissect society, to guide the direction of the Chinese nation. Throughout the life of Mr. Lu Xun, I was most impressed by the breadth of his combat footprint. From Shaoxing to Nanjing, from Japan to Beijing, and finally died in Shanghai, Mr. Lu Xun’s exploration of the truth in promoting the truth inspired me. From medicine to literature, from Japanese to German, he showed remarkable perseverance and fortitude, and behind this, his firm belief and mission. In Mr. Lu Xun, I saw a display of commitment that kept me going.


Translated by Wang Jiaqi

Edited by Renee